‘YUVAi’, the new version of responsible AI for young people

The “YUVAi- Youth for Unnati and Vikas with AI” program was initiated by the National e-Governance Division of the Ministry of Electronics and Informatics, Government of India. The initiatives aim to bridge the growing skills gap and prepare the next generation for the digital world.

With the help of YUVAi, students in grades 8-12 across the country will gain a deeper understanding of AI, learn AI skills, and be empowered to build and apply AI by putting the focus on human needs. Additionally, the course provides students with a hands-on learning opportunity to understand and recognize how artificial intelligence technology can solve pressing problems and promote inclusive national growth.

There will be three stages to the program. Teachers will be chosen to identify children from their particular schools and provide the organizing team with their information during the initial phase. Then, to help enrolled students understand the ideation process, specialists will lead online orientation courses on fundamental AI topics. A 120-second video explaining an AI-enabled solution suggestion for one of the eight main themes will be accepted by students (individually or in teams of two). These themes are agriculture, medical services, professional training, ecosystems and renewable technologies, public transport, regional development, smart cities, as well as law and justice.

In the second round, the selected students will participate in an in-depth online training on artificial intelligence. A three-day in-person boot camp will be scheduled to provide sufficient coaching and direction from YUVAi trainers. Students will use their newly acquired knowledge to create AI-based innovations or projects on one of the eight main themes after the mentoring camps and submit their finished works. The best AI-based solutions will then be revealed and invited to a national presentation and awards ceremony.

In its most recent version (Responsible AI for Youth), the program gave a select group of students the chance to visit Gandhinagar, Gujarat, where they could meet Hon. Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi and present their ideas during Digital India Week 2022.

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