Youth Policy Forum launches fellowship for professionals

The Youth Policy Forum (YPF) is slowly but surely becoming a household name for young people passionate about politics and development in the country.

The platform that started as a political speech group on popular social media Facebook has now expanded into a full-fledged political learning and advocacy platform, hosting 160 webinars on multiple issues, a national conference to improve the economy, establishing several political networks along with specialists.

The platform also enabled young people to connect with real-life politicians and decision-makers by organizing learning programs.

However, one initiative that stands out and showcases the foresight and drive of the organization is the YPF Fellowship Program.

YPF Fellowship Program

Launched in April 2021, on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the country’s independence, the YPF scholarship program started with 100 scholarship holders in 12 key policy areas such as education, economy and employment, the environment and climate change, foreign policy, gender and inclusion, health, energy and infrastructure, law, rights and justice, technology and big data, civil servants, journalism, grassroots, local development initiative, etc.

The idea behind the scholarship program is unique, has proven effective and useful even for some of our neighboring emerging economies.

The motivation behind the scholarship program was to bring together the brightest and most capable Bangladeshi professionals and scholars working both at home and abroad as “YPF Scholars” to connect them with our aspiring learners in matters of politics.

The aim was to create a symbiotic environment, where young people had an immense learning opportunity to be mentored by some of the best in their respective fields while fellows contributed to the development of the country through their ideas, research, advice , their advice or simply by helping the country to build a conscientious and educated future generation.

The program has also invited foreign nationals whose research or work focuses significantly on the development journey of Bangladesh.

Over the past year and a half, the Fellowship Program has been one of YPF’s most powerful propositions to date, uniting and creating a pool of talent that can be tapped in ways never before realized.

It is a platform that has guiding potential just waiting to be unleashed and achieved.

What Fellows Do

YPF is a platform largely driven and managed by young people. The majority of their core members are university students who are highly motivated, energetic and passionate about the work they do. But they also need a lot of guidance and guidance in their activities and endeavors.

Their fellows support and orient people regarding the respective networks and teams carrying out research, documentation and creating dialogue within the relevant framework.

Fellows also facilitate and organize capacity building sessions for the YPF core team and mentor teams of young students and professionals eager to do innovative work.

Their fellows have helped people from the very basics of idea generation, to moderating and participating in topical webinars/dialogues, reviewing policy briefs prepared by their envoys.

Their comrades have broadened our network, introduced people to relevant connections or organizations to further their endeavors and most importantly have been there for others not only on a professional level but even on a personal level.

It’s a special platform and the bond they’ve built over time with fellows is even more special.

Invitation to become a Fellow

As the organization has grown rapidly and won the attention and admiration of the public, practitioners and scholars around the world, YPF now wishes to expand its network of intellectuals, it is time to welcome new scholarship recipients to support their vision of a better-served Bangladesh.

To achieve this goal, YPF is currently inviting applications from new Fellows to join their team.

As YPF aims to continue to be the facilitator between their capable comrades and a group of promising young political enthusiasts, this can be your chance to contribute to a vibrant organization and work on various political issues in order to properly equip the country. on global and internal fronts to encounter, address and address new and ever-changing challenges.

Eligibility: Anyone with more than 5 years of professional experience in any of the policy areas mentioned above (or any relevant area) or a PhD holder can apply to become a Fellow.

Anyone with more than 15 years of professional experience (or a doctorate + 10 years of professional experience) can apply to become a senior researcher.

Why should you join YPF as a Fellow

As a YPF Fellow, you will have access to an interdisciplinary network of experts, professionals and students as well as current YPF Fellows. YPF was able to create strong will and accumulate formidable levels of resources and influence in a very short time.

As a Fellow, you will have the chance to tap into their resources and manpower. You will be able to shape innovative and effective work by groups of bright young students and professionals who will work with academics, CSOs, businesses, NGOs, politicians, policy makers and government bodies.

By doing so, you will be able to nurture talented proteges who, in turn, can make meaningful contributions on the world stage.

Above all, it’s an opportunity to be part of something bigger, something that has a lot of probability and to work with people who really care about moving the country forward.

Apply here to join YPF as a Fellow. Join the vision of a better served Bangladesh.

Application deadline: September 10, 2022

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