Youth Matter organizes a symposium and a benefit concert

Youth Matter Founder and Director Laura Lawrence said northeast NOW they hear that young people are struggling after the pandemic and they are here to help.

“We want to ensure that young people and families are able to reach out, express themselves and support mental health, and also give children access to healthy tools, healthy strategies and ideas on how to support their well-being and overall mental health in healthy ways. .”

Hundreds of students from across the province attend the symposium from 12 different communities.

Northeast, Horizon and Sask River school divisions joined, as well as youth from Muskoday First Nation and Pelican Narrows.

Another handful of artists, authors, speakers and performers are on hand to show a variety of pathways to mental wellness.

Lawrence added that they are grateful to everyone who gives their time to improve the mental health of young people.

“We got them to come in and play their acts and their music, which integrated into supporting their own mental health. We thought it would be a good idea to invite them to stay for the evening and connect and interact with the community. They are very enthusiastic and passionate about supporting a youth mental health cause.

According to their website, our creative minds have the power to help support our mental and emotional well-being – from listening to music, dancing, drawing, painting, writing and painting. Creative expression of all kinds, these right-brain activities help support a calmer, more regulated state for our nervous system.

He also said they value creating a safe and inclusive environment and inspiring positive action and meaningful change for young people through open discussions, learning new strategies and methods to manage the stress, anxiety and emotions, and maintaining healthy mental well-being throughout life.

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