Youth Cong will launch a speech contest to connect with people

After the polls debacle in the five-state elections, the youth wing of the Congress, in its drive to connect with the people, restarted its “Young India Ke Bol” program, which is a platform where any young can ensure its participation in political activities .

National President of Indian Youth Congress, Srinivas BV said, “Young India ke Bol speech contest is a platform in line with the thought of our leader Shri Rahul Gandhi ji, by participating in which any young can ensure its political stake. Young people across the country are angry at the anti-grassroots policies of the Modi government and the Youth Congress is providing a platform for these fearless young people.

He said that spokespersons play an important role in presenting the ideas, policies and programs of any organization to the public and that “Young India ke Bol” is a medium for people across the country to raise issues. worrying. “The youth is the future of the country as well as the present. The voice of youth is the voice of the country,” he added.

This is the second part of the contest. In the previous episode, approximately 8,000 participants from across the country participated and a grand finale was held on November 21, 22 and 23 at the headquarters of the Youth Congress. A total of 27 finalists were then assigned the responsibility of national spokespersons for the Youth Congress and more than 150 participants were assigned this responsibility in different states.

The competition will run from June 1 to July 31, 2022 at the Assembly and District Headquarters. After that, from August 1 to September 20, the state-level competition will be held at the headquarters of all states’ capitals. After that, on September 30, October 1 and 2, the national level competitions will be held at the headquarters of the Indian Youth Congress in New Delhi.


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