Youth camps gear up for summer as Governor Abbott offers free rapid tests

BROWNSVILLE, Texas (KVEO) – Summer is fast approaching and to create a sense of normalcy, Governor Gregg Abbott announced a new COVID-19 rapid testing program for summer camps for youth in the state .

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Summer 2020, camps in the Rio Grande Valley had to adapt to the onset of the pandemic.

“We went to a virtual platform and converted a lot of student enrollment from last year to this summer,” said Nancy Mance, director of Camp Rio.

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However, this summer things will be different.

“Health screenings. We will have our day campers wear masks. We are going to use the appropriate cleaning products for anything anyone touches,” she said.

Governor Abbott announced the new program will provide rapid testing for staff and campers during the summer months.

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“As normalcy returns to Texas, we must remain vigilant against the spread of COVID-19 by identifying positive cases and mitigating any potential outbreaks statewide,” the governor said in a statement. “The Texas Youth Summer Camp COVID-19 Testing Program will help camps operate safely throughout the summer by quickly identifying positive cases of COVID-19 among campers and staff. I encourage qualifying summer camps to apply for this program so that we can continue to protect Texans from this virus.

“I immediately filled out a request for this. We want to keep our students and campers safe when they come and our staff. We also want to take care of our staff,” she said.

The camp also strives to ensure that camp staff are vaccinated. Mance added that almost all full-time staff at the camp are vaccinated through IDEA Schools vaccination opportunities.

“Summer camp during COVID is definitely a challenge. We plan for the kids to have as much fun as possible while making it as safe as possible,” she said.

To learn more about Camp security procedures, click here.

For the application of the Youth Camp program, visit this link. Camps must be DSHS approved.

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