Youth Advocates Ghana improves the capacity of young people to adopt a participatory local governance process

Youth Advocates Ghana (YAG), in partnership with the Ghana Center for Democratic Development (CDD-Ghana), built the capacity of 30 youths from Nsawam-Adoagyiri and Ga West districts on active participation in local governance processes.

The training, which is part of the “I Am Aware” (IAA) project, aims to improve young people’s understanding of local governance processes as well as improve citizen engagement and promote accountability with local government and the use of public goods and services.

Addressing the participants of the training, the Executive Director of Youth Advocates Ghana, Emmanuel Ametepey, highlighted the need for participation at the local government level to deepen good governance and accountability, noting that this will be key in promoting the development.

“We cannot promote grassroots development without the active participation of citizens, especially young people. This is why YAG is passionate about encouraging young people to actively participate in community activities and contribute to community development efforts,” he noted.

Mr. Ametepey further called for stakeholder collaboration and partnership to help prepare young people to become active citizens and governance processes.

In her remarks, the Municipal Planning Officer of the Municipal Assembly of Nsawam-Adoagyiri, Sakinatu Adams, encouraged the youth to take a keen interest in the activities of the assemblies, as they will also be affected if the necessary development is not executed.

“As members of the community, we all form the assembly. Therefore, we should make it a point to understand the work of the assembly and bring new ideas for the growth and sustainability of our communities,” Ms. Adams added.

On his part, the Team Leader for Social Accountability at CDD-Ghana, Mr. Awal Mohammed Swalla, underscored the need for young people to stay informed in order to hold leaders accountable.

“You can’t be part of the governance process if you don’t know what your assembly is doing. As young people, it is time to arm yourselves with information and hold your leaders to account,” said Mr. Mohammed.

The IAA project aims to empower citizens with information to improve their awareness and engagement with officials.

The project aims to train 25 members of the Social Action Group (SAG) on the structure of local government within the District Assemblies, to introduce SAG members to the different channels and opportunities where they can contribute and demand accountability, and also to better understand SAG members in their role as a community. members and citizens.

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