Youth Advisory Council 2023 — The fifth cohort representing the young people of Pointe-Claire!

Pointe-Claire, November 24 – The mayor of the City of Pointe-Claire, Tim Thomas, and the members of the city council are pleased to introduce you to the 10 young people who will form the 2023-2024 Youth Advisory Council (CCJ) of the City of Pointe-Claire. Exceptionally, this term will last 20 months since the Board’s schedule is in a year of transition. The Régie’s mandate is to make recommendations and give young citizens a voice to improve the activities and services intended for them.

It was during the municipal council meeting on November 8 that council members approved the appointments of the new candidates selected. The members of the board of directors and their families then participated in a ceremony in the presence of the members of the municipal council to formalize their new role.

This year, among the young people who make up the Board, two are in their third term, one is beginning his second term and seven new members are welcomed with great enthusiasm to take up new challenges. Board members are bilingual Pointe-Claire residents aged 14 to 21 who are involved in their community. They will begin their term in January.

Julia Hees (3rd term), Sarah Wu (3rd term) and Nathan Thomas (2nd term) are pleased to welcome Albi Çullhaj, Alexandre Gariépy, Olivia Ginnetti, Christina Koikaran, Anastasia Sabapathy, Anshini Pyneeandee and Daniel Royal to the board.

“For four years, the City has been able to count on the Youth Advisory Council to offer relevant recommendations in order to better reach young citizens. I am convinced that the 10 young people who will form the 5th council will continue the work undertaken by their peers to propose interesting ideas for the community and particularly its youth. We wish them much success in their mandate and thank them warmly for their involvement,” said Tim Thomas, Mayor of Pointe-Claire.

Members of the Youth Advisory Committee and members of the Pointe-Claire City Council (from left to right) Tara Stainforth, Councilor District 4 – Cedar park heights, Tim Thomas, Mayor of Pointe-Claire, Anshini Pyneeandee, Eric Stork, District Councilor 7 – Northview, Sarah Wu, Anastasia Sabapathy, Julia Hees, Daniel Royal, Alexandre Gariépy, Albi Çullhaj, Olivia Ginnetti, Christina Koikaran, Kelly Thorstad-Cullen, District Councilor 3 – Valois, Paul Bissonnette, District Councilor 2 – Lakeside, Brent Cowan , Councilor District 8 – Oneida.
Absent from photo: Nathan Thomas, Erin Tedford, Councilor District 1 – Cedar / Le Village, Cynthia Homan, Councilor District 5 – Lakeside Heights, Bruno Tremblay, Councilor District 6 – Seigniory.

We thank the outgoing members of the Youth Advisory Council for their exceptional involvement and their desire to contribute to their community.

During 2022, the members of the Board of Directors submitted recommendations to the Department of Culture, Sports, Recreation and Community Development in order to improve the offer for young people at the Center sportif Olive- Urquhart. In addition, they actively participated in the City’s strategic planning process and were consulted as part of the STM’s public consultation work on public transit in the West Island.

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