Young people in East London’s Scenery Park demand action to stop underage drinking – Reuters

Young people in Scenery Park in East London, Eastern Cape, are calling for various facets of society to develop a multifaceted strategy to tackle underage drinking and other social ills.

It comes as the community mourns the tragic death of 21 teenagers at Enyobeni Tavern last Sunday.

The tavern has since been closed and a criminal case opened against the owner.

Police have concluded the crime scene investigation, but the cause of death has not yet been determined.

A mass funeral will be held on Wednesday.

Activist Samkela Jobela says they want a permanent solution to tackle drug and alcohol abuse, especially among young people.

“We feel they should engage the youth, find out what the youth want, and then try to bring their ideas and the youth together, and come up with solutions and programs that will keep the youth busy,” says Jobela.

Youth of Scenery Park calls for reduction in underage drinking

mass funeral

Buffalo Municipality spokesman Sam Ngwenya said preparations were underway for Wednesday’s mass funeral.

The service will be conducted from a tent that will be erected in an open field at Scenery Park. Ngwenya says the municipality is working with various stakeholders to provide the victims with dignified funerals.

“We are here on the ground where this service is going to take place. We work with the provincial government as well as all levels of government to deliver dignified service on Wednesdays. As you can see in terms of this place. There is no running water, there is no electricity. So from a logistical point of view, we try to make sure that they take into account all of these logistical issues, as well as the load shedding issues. Also the issue of security. The Security Cluster is on hand to review these issues. Also, at the end of the day, as a municipality, we also deal with families so that their wishes can be taken into account. »

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