Young Ghanaians want quick fixes, they don’t want to work hard

File photo: Ghanaian youth

Young people were advised to take advantage of mentoring opportunities to receive the necessary preparation that will inspire them to succeed.

They were also told to work hard and avoid compromise in their quest for financial stability.

Reverend Bernard Osei-Duah, resident pastor, Family House Chapel, gave the advice Saturday at a luncheon in Accra.

The meeting was hosted by Mr. Frank Lartey, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Lartey Wellness Group, together with his wife, Mrs. Dorcas Lartey.

It was about creating a platform for pastors and CEOs to share their knowledge and experiences for church and business growth.

Rev. Osei-Duah, who is also the CEO of BOD Mogul Consult Ltd, lamented the reluctance of youngsters to avail themselves of “proper” grooming.

He said this has led many young people to get stuck in their entrepreneurial journey and ignore the right decisions to make.

“Today’s youth want quick fixes and don’t want to work hard or follow principles. They should avail themselves of receiving grooming and mentoring. They have to be patient and go through the mill if they want to succeed in life and have lasting success,” he said.

The CEO said students looking to become entrepreneurs should practice “service entrepreneurship” by serving under mentors or coaches to watch closely.

He urged the Church to streamline its activities to meet the overall needs of members and not just the spiritual aspect.

“We also need to strengthen the financial capacity of our members. They have needs that must be met and they seek solutions elsewhere. We need to identify those needs and meet them, but if we can’t position ourselves well, we won’t be able to do that. As a pastor, don’t just focus on the spiritual side, teach members how to grow in other areas,” he added.

He urged CEOs and church leaders to practice transformational leadership and knowledge sharing to pass the baton to young people, who would continue to lead business when they were no longer able to do so.

Pastor Cecil Dodoo, director of administration at Calvary Baptist Church, said church management has evolved over time, as such church leaders need to improve their management strategies. church administration and employ qualified personnel to handle these matters.

“Administration is important in running the church, so let’s not forget that. Gone are the days when church administration was run by volunteers. Right now it is important to work with qualified staff who have the expertise to handle things properly,” he said.

Pastor Joseph Darling MacCarthy of Torchbearers Mission Inc., said Africa can develop on its own without foreign support, adding that governments and leaders in various sectors need only hire competent people to manage deals.

He said Ghana’s education system had lost touch with labor market demands, as such, students graduating from the school found themselves unemployed.

The pastor therefore called for curriculum reforms to properly position students for viable employment opportunities.

Pastor Andrews Denteh of Global Revival Ministries said knowledge sharing among clergy is important for the overall growth of the Christian community.

“Most pastors have closed their doors and do not want to share their ideas with their clergy colleagues. This behavior is not the best; it stagnates us. If pastors would open up and share ideas on how they are making meaningful progress in their ministries, it would help us all,” he said.

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