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If you’re researching career options and trying to figure out which subjects to study, the UK’s The Telegraph, Financial Times and Guardian newspapers are a good place to do your homework. They regularly publish articles on major employment sectors and salaries.

Of course, if you’re in Pakistan, you could say that UK jobs data really shouldn’t be a barometer of choices in our economy. We agree. However, the UK job market is worth looking into for ideas on which jobs might be worth pursuing.

On Monday, The Telegraph published an article on the top 20 companies paying the highest wages in the UK, according to a job site called Glassdoor.

The most important sectors are financial services and technology. The largest number of job openings was in the technology sector. Next come IT, then health.

Pakistani freelancers and the fields they work in. Source: World Bank

Data analysts, software engineers are in high demand. Cybersecurity employees get the biggest raises. Security architects are also doing well.

New graduates in the UK are being offered £5,000 more than they normally would, fresh out of university, according to recruiters, The Telegraph reported.

1 Citadel Financial services £121,759
2 Continue Computer science £108,128
3 white and case Legal £107,115
4 G-Search Computer science £101,066
5 Google Cloud Computer science £99,677
6 Palantir Technologies Computer science £98,095
seven Capital Squarepoint Financial services £96,933
8 Bank of America Merrill Lynch Financial services £94,393
9 MongoDB Computer science £93,993
ten Pegasystems Computer science £93,844
11 Databrick Computer science £92,516
12 Swiss credit Financial services £90,120
13 Astellas Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology £88,356
14 Meta Computer science £88,321
15 Nomura Holdings Financial services £88,099
16 British international investment Financial services £87,549
17 Federated Hermes Financial services £87,481
18 Kearney Management & Consulting £87,212
19 DocuSign Computer science £86,579
20 LinkedIn Computer science £85,997

If you are looking for university options, try looking at The Guardian University Rankings.

And if you’re specifically interested in business degrees, the Financial Times has a more detailed ranking, with expected salary ranges upon graduation.

The World Bank did a study on the labor market in Pakistan. And even though it’s two years old, it gives a pretty good idea of ​​what’s going on in this economy.

How many Pakistanis have moved abroad for work over the years. Source: World Bank

Here are some takeaways:

  • You can get a better quality job by changing cities or going abroad. More and more Pakistanis are moving between cities, mainly to capital cities, as evidenced by the census.
  • In Pakistan, 208 million people depend on only about 46 million wage earners (which we believe puts immense pressure on families)
  • You earn more if your level of education increases. In 2017, men with a post-secondary education earned about 8 times more than those with a primary education
  • The use of simple technology – the mobile phone – is strongly linked to the realization of profits for self-employed Pakistani
  • in 2015, Pakistanis who left their homes earned on average three times what they earned at home, regardless of their level of education

Where do Pakistanis work by sector. Source: World Bank

Digital jobs
According to the World Bank, the gig economy has grown in Pakistan. The global average hourly rate is US$21 and people work an average of 36 hours per week according to a 2015 Payoneer freelancer income survey. In Pakistan, freelancers generally work 34 hours per week and types of jobs include computing and programming; design and multimedia; writing and translation; and sales and marketing. Hourly rates for these jobs range between $17 and $23.4.

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