UofL’s Montgomery and Domann team up to host youth soccer camp

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) — Montgomery and Domann’s first youth soccer camp kicked off Saturday morning at the King Louie Sports Complex in the East End. Cards linebacker Monty Montgomery and quarterback Brock Domann team up to teach the game.

“Monty and I got together at the end of January and we just started talking about different business ideas, different ways to give back to the community, different ways to use our name and our image in this community and we created this camp “, says Domann.

“I just wanted to give back to the community in the best way I could, in a positive way, to bring change for the community and make it an ongoing process,” Montgomery said.

Domann’s parents have been running youth camps for nearly 20 years in Colorado, so he knew working with the kids would be rewarding and he and his teammates would get a lot out of it, too.

“So much,” he said, adding, “community connections, community support, support from my teammates, being able to see my business side come out and ultimately create connections and relationships that I wouldn’t have and then today, be able to interact with children, become a little child again.

Montgomery said he also found the experience beneficial. “Honestly, I’ve acquired a lot of knowledge, I’m learning a lot, how to coach children better and how to adapt to certain situations,” he said.

The kids participated in passing and receiving drills, ran sprints and even worked on the tackles. Players hope that the bonds formed now will only grow stronger.

“Yeah, I wanna get like the Brian Bosworth effect to those kids, yes sir,” Montgomery said.

“We will do it again next year and plan to get more involved in the community however we can,” added Domann. “Whether it’s through camps or other means, we just plan to be with these kids and really show them the way, because they need role models and they need people to really like to lean on. them.”

And there was Chick-fil-A. The cow mascot even got in on the action, racing the kids and eventually taking on the role of tackling the dummy. He managed to escape before the kids snatched his jersey away.

That’s something you probably won’t see in Camp 2023 version 2.0.

“It was a thing for sure, you live and you learn,” Domann said.

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