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The challenge is the culmination of a five-day brainstorming session that was organized as part of the pre-forum activities

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Published: Thu 29 Sep 2022, 09:45

Last update: Thu 29 Sep 2022, 16:08

“The future is already here; it’s just not very evenly distributed,” said Leanne Fry, partner and facilitator at Smart Humans, an Australia-based digital training company. She was quoting writer William Gibson on the inaugural day of the 11th edition of the International Government Communication Forum (IGCF) on Wednesday, which hosts the Middle East’s first “Future Worlds Challenge” on its prestigious platform.

Fry was encouraging a youth forum to come up with three important technological innovations to ensure the sustainability of human life on Earth.

The challenge is the culmination of a five-day brainstorming session that was organized as part of the pre-forum activities.

The two-day IGCF 2022 is taking place at the Sharjah Exhibition Center from September 28-29. The leading regional forum is organizing this challenge with the aim of establishing a pioneering platform in the region for young creatives and tech enthusiasts to get started in artificial intelligence (AI) applications and turn their ideas into projects that will benefit communities around the world.

The September 28 session presented young people with a fast-paced learning environment for finding solutions to everyday problems. Participants explored how virtual assistants like Alexa and Siri could solve everyday problems such as waste management, poverty reduction and time management. They worked in teams of 5-7 members and presented their pitches to Smart Humans trainers to design the world of tomorrow, using Amazon Alexa, helping to formulate software-assisted conversations and imagine potential future scenarios in the world. of tomorrow.

Three finalists were chosen to make final project presentations on the IGCF 2022 stage in front of a panel of experts, which they did during a session called “Brave Discussions”. The winner will be announced at the Sharjah Government Awards Ceremony on Thursday.

“We guided them through a process of thinking about their mindset, all the elements of the world including environment, people, sustainability and climate, as well as technology and how they want to We invited pupils, their teachers, students, as well as government officials to attend this session so that young people understand the perspectives of adults and learn from each other,” noted Fry, who is also director of innovation at AUSTRAC, a financial intelligence agency in Australia.Smart Humans, active since 2017, seeks to “make humans thoughtful users of technology, not blind consumers”, stressed the head of the digital.


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