Tyler City Council Approves Drainage and Sanitary Sewer Improvement Projects | Local News

Tyler’s city council voted on Wednesday to go ahead with two drainage improvement projects.

City Manager Ed Broussard has received approval to execute construction contracts with Reynolds & Kay Ltd. for the two upcoming projects.

The first contract is for the $ 3.3 million Cloverdale Drainage Improvement Project. It will run along Cloverdale Drive and Silverwood Drive from Caperton Boulevard to north of Woodlark Drive.

The project will improve undersized and dilapidated culverts, allowing for the repair of a failing storm sewer and the resolution of flooding issues to streets and homes in the area.

At present, the water flows through an undersized and overgrown open channel between Woodlark Drive and Woodland Hills Drive. The plan is to redirect the water through a closed network of concrete pipes running under Silverwood Drive.

Corrugated metal pipes under properties along a lane from Woodland Hills Drive to Shelly Drive, which are rusting and collapsing, will also be filled with aerated concrete to prevent further damage. It is in the plans to completely replace this pipe system in the lane with a concrete pipe.

The final section of repairs from the first project will be to replace the existing concrete and metal pipe system from Shelley Drive to Caperton Boulevard with a concrete culvert.

In February, the Cloverdale Drainage Improvement Project was expanded to address other property flooding issues around the intersection of Silverwood Drive and Woodlark Drive.

The additions to this project are three sidewalk entrances and concrete connecting pipes and junction boxes that will be added and connected to the main system at the intersection where the flooding occurs.

The second project is the Holly Park Drainage Improvement Project at a cost of $ 434,760.70. This project will include the installation of three sidewalk entrances and connecting storm sewer lines that connect to the existing system along Holly Creek Drive from Silvermaple Cove to Bedshire Court.

At the same time, opposite Bedshire Court, the sidewalk entrance will be replaced by a larger one. The storm sewer pipe connecting the sidewalk entrance to another on the northeast side of Bedshire Court will be replaced with a pipe of the appropriate size.

“These projects will mitigate flooding and prevent future property damage,” said interim project engineer Davis Dickson. “Replacing and repairing undersized infrastructure will dramatically improve the way stormwater passes through the community during periods of heavy rains. “

Each of these projects is funded by the Half-Cent Sales Tax Fund. In total, there are 11 drainage projects in the annual work plan.

Two sanitary sewer networks will also be rehabilitated.

Broussard was authorized to execute contracts for these projects related to the Consent Decree, an agreement between the city and the US Environmental Protection Agency to improve the sewage collection system.

The first sanitary sewer rehabilitation contract is for $ 423,250.74 with C&A Construction.

This contract allows for the replacement of approximately 1,200 linear feet of pipe, the installation of 230 linear feet of new sewer line, the replacement of 409 linear feet of pipe by a replacement of hardened pipes in place, repairs in four points and starter replacements.

The second project will not exceed $ 1.8 million.

Engineering, construction design and inspection services for the remediation of 35,821 linear feet of gravity sewer lines and 1,364 manholes in Tyler to be provided by Langan | Adams.

The Water Utilities Bond Fund provides for these sanitary sewer improvement projects.

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