TTC hands out sanitary napkins to girls in Palm Ridge

The Transformed Teenagers Club (TTC) presented a donation of sanitary napkins to 13 young girls at Ace Ministry, Phase Four, Extension Eight, Tsietsi Church in Palm Ridge on September 25.

Each of the girls received two packages of sanitary napkins and washcloths.

Although this is their first event and initiative dedicated to helping young girls stay in school during their menstrual cycle, the NPO intends to host the event every year.

TTC Treasurer and Media Liaison Officer Lindiwe Rasemetsa said the initiative is more than just donating sanitary napkins, it’s about empowering girls to be teenagers leaders who can make better decisions about their lives.

“Some of the girls have even signed up to join our organization to learn leadership skills and learn more from mentors,” she added.

Rasemetsa said he observed some disadvantaged areas in Katlehong and took the initiative to make a difference in these communities.

“We chose to donate sanitary napkins because we want to reduce menstrual poverty. We have observed that most of the girls do not go to school during their menstrual cycle, ”said Rasemetsa.

The OBNL is located at 197 Moshoeshoe Section, Katlehong.

Sanitary napkins were given to young girls in Tsietsi, Palm Ridge on September 25.

They offer youth empowerment through:

• Drug addiction and drug addiction education workshops for high school students

• Moral choices and how to make them for children and community members

• Mentoring

• Career development

• Mandela Week Project

• Reading and homework club

• Visits to orphanages and retirement homes

• Radio and television interviews

• Sports day

• Spiritual dance and poetry


Members of the transformed teenagers club Thakane Mashala, Botshelo Mohlala, Lindiwe Rasemetsa.

TTC is a registered NPO created in June 2015. The NPO aims to empower young people to guide them and help them to abstain from drug addiction.

He seeks to transform lives through rehabilitation and education.

The main mission of TTC is to empower, educate and rehabilitate young girls who will become ambassadors of change and spread the message, as well as support other girls who are influenced by peer pressure.

They have established programs that will help instill in girls leadership skills and other uplifting values.

Transformed Teenagers Club offers media courses for children who aspire to work in this field.

TTC founder Smangele Bokaba is an activist, change agent, midwife and author.

She started the NPO when she noticed the increase in teenage pregnancies, drug addiction among others, in which this youngster was indulging.

According to Rasemetsa, Bokaba is on a mission to end the continued loss of potential young leaders due to drug addiction and peer pressure.

Rasemetsa said Bokaba had done it the only way she knew: guiding, empowering and educating. Her maternal instincts led her to create the organization. The changes are visible, as the number of girls in the NPO has grown rapidly, she added.

Training of the Transformed Teen Club.

Bokaba said she intends to support, care for and protect these girls. Through this organization, they should get involved and stay away from anything that could derail their lives, she said.

“I will work hard with other organizations to shape their lives by instilling behavior change and making sure they make responsible decisions while enjoying being young,” Bokaba said.

To contribute to this initiative contact Bokaba on 066 009 0563 or [email protected]

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