Three youth mural projects, Paint Jam, Stoke Bridge Skate Park ’20 Years of Stoke’ and Street Performance as part of Hullabaloo22

Ipswich arts organization Art Eat, responsible for painting eight murals on Ipswich’s seafront since 2018, is running a series of exciting activities and events this spring, including three new murals inspired by young people from Ipswich. Part of Hullabaloo22 and funded by Suffolk County Council’s Covid Continuity Fund for Culture.
Three new murals for Ipswich and Invitation to Paint
Workshops have been held since February led by artists Lily Hammond, Frederico Ramos, Keith Hopewell, Nikki Goldup and Verity Slade for young people from local organizations such as Acycle (African and Caribbean Youth Creative Learning Experience), Karibu Supplementary School, The Kurdish Mosque, The Hive on Norwich Road and Eastern Angles Centre. The workshops were designed to brainstorm ideas for the artist’s final work, giving the young people involved the opportunity to inspire the people of Ipswich through public art.
The murals will be painted over two weekends in May on the hoardings of St. Peters Dock, the entrance to Ipswich’s waterfront; From Friday 13 to Sunday 15 May and the following weekend from Friday 20 to Sunday 22 May. Everyone is welcome to come and participate and can register online for time slots via the Eastern Angles website, or by phone on 07990802776, passers-by will be welcome if there is space.

An official launch of the murals will take place on the morning of Saturday May 28, 2022, at 10 a.m. at St. Peters Dock. – The press is invited to join, please come! – Everyone is invited to celebrate new street art for Ipswich Waterfront with Art Eat with special guests, artists and workshop participants.
7305 Outdoor Photography Exhibition
Two University of Suffolk students, photographer Dylan Winstone and curator Patrisiya Banova have produced an outdoor exhibit celebrating the users of Stoke Bridge Skate Park, the exhibit is available in the courtyard behind Dance East, linking the Waterfront and Quay Street. Head there to see some great photos of Ipswich’s skate culture.
“As a skateboarder myself, skateboarding has had a big impact on who I am. I’ve made so many great friends through skateboarding. I love photographing skateboarders to show the amazing communities that skateboarding creates, that a lot of people wouldn’t associate with skateboarding,” says Dylan.
The exhibition celebrates 20 years of Stoke Bridge Skatepark and the local skate community: the 7305 exhibition is a positive reflection of skate youth and culture, connecting people and organizations across Ipswich through skating . Offering a view of the skate community through the lens of photographer and skater Dylan Winstone, raising awareness of the positive effects of skating to a wider audience, the exhibition was commissioned by Art Eat and is part of Hullabaloo22’s activities at the city ​​scale. and the energetic youth culture in Ipswich.
Paint Jam at Stoke Bridge Skatepark
To celebrate Stoke Bridge Skatepark’s 20th anniversary, Art Eat is hosting a Paint Jam on Saturday 21st May, where members of Ipswich’s youth and skate communities are invited to come and get creative. Materials will be provided and artists will be on hand to support all those who wish to mark the spirits to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the park and its community. More information will be available later on and on Art Eat social media @arteatevents on Facebook and Instagram. Everyone is encouraged to show up on May 21 from 11 a.m., let their creativity run free and help create new artwork for the Skate Park.
20 Years of Stoke by Skate Suffolk & HOAX
To celebrate the park and its community, Skate Suffolk & HOAX will be hosting a skate event. There will be prizes, music, cakes and celebrations. This exciting event will take place on Saturday May 28, after the Quai Saint-Pierre mural launch. Art Eat works with skatepark users and Skate Suffolk to develop a range of activities for all ages throughout the day. After

information will be available later on Skate Suffolk, HOAX and Art Eat social media
‘Streets with Attitude’ Workshops on Wheels with Dulce Duca
The final element of this project is a series of exciting workshops for anyone on wheels; skateboarders, roller skaters, BMXers and wheelchair users. It’s an opportunity for creative collaboration and immersion in the possibilities of the world on wheels. This project is led by Dulce Duca, an actress and circus artist for 17 years, originally from Portugal, she is based in Great Yarmouth, the first circus capital of East Anglia.
Free workshops will be held from 4pm to 8pm from Monday 30 May to Friday 3 June in the RW Paul Building on St. Peters Dock, Bridge Street, Ipswich IP4 1BF. The workshops are open to anyone wishing to be creative on wheels, from 12 years old. For registration and more info contact Dulce by email or phone 07523243654.
Final performance of “Streets with Attitude”
Workshop participants will have developed a collaborative street performance which will take place over two shows on Saturday 4th June between 12pm and 5pm, on Orwell Quay (Outside Cult Cafe, University Avenue, Ipswich, IP3 0FS) So please note this date in your diary and make sure you don’t miss this finale of Art Eat’s contribution to Hullabaloo22 – an unusual and unique public performance by Ipswich for Ipswich, complementing a fantastic full day program presented by Cult Cafe .
These projects have been funded by Suffolk County Council’s Covid Continuity Fund for Culture and are part of a series of collective activities for young people in Ipswich taking place this year called Hullabaloo22. Hullabaloo22 is a collaboration between the Ipswich Cultural Education Partnership (ICEP) network partners. Taking place between March and August, it brings together children and young people to co-produce a wide range of educational, arts and community activities in Ipswich. Hullabaloo22, whose central theme is “Tell your story”, gives young people and children the opportunity to express themselves, develop skills and have
a voice through creative and cultural experiences.

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