There’s still time to name the Stratford Youth Award Champions

Stratford’s youth will be celebrated at the first-ever awards night of its kind held at City Hall in October.

Ten awards will be presented to young people living in Stratford, aged 11-18, at a ceremony that recognizes their efforts and achievements and the difference they make to their friends and families, where they live, go to school and in the wider community. .

This is the first Stratford-upon-Avon City Council Youth Awards night and members of the public are invited to nominate their young champions whose stories will be considered by the Youth Council who will select three finalists from each category of prizes and from there, a potential winner will be chosen.

“As mayor, I want everything to revolve around youth and celebrate the young people of our city. It’s run by a youth council and it’s not about rewarding those who always get it, it’s a celebration of those who don’t always get recognition. It could be a young person who is a mental health champion or a young carer and I’m sure it will be very emotional. This is the first awards night and the first of a long series and I hope it grows bigger each year,” said Stratford Mayor Cllr Gill Cleeve.

Categories include:

Creative Artist of the Year

A young person who has demonstrated dedication or passion for the creative arts.

Celebrate artistic achievement in all forms of visual art, including creative writing, design, painting, illustration, collage, sculpture, fashion, film, music production and photography.

Performer of the Year

A young person who has demonstrated a dedication or passion for the performing arts.

Celebrating artistic achievement in all performing arts, including theatre, dance, singing and music.

Volunteer of the year

A young person who has given his time and energy to a cause close to his heart.

Youth will be celebrated for their efforts and determination to bring about positive and progressive change within their communities through volunteerism.

Sports Personality of the Year

A young person who has dedicated his time and talent to a sport.

This award aims to celebrate the commitment of young people to any sport. Nominees will demonstrate self-motivation in their efforts to achieve their sporting goals. This award emphasizes the nominee’s proactive attitude and passion for their sport.

Entrepreneur of the year

A young person who has shown ingenuity and an entrepreneurial spirit.

This award is for young people who demonstrate innovation and inspiration in business. Young people will be recognized for their creativity and ingenuity, whether their idea is still a concept or their business is already operational. We aim to recognize the candidate’s commitment to an entrepreneurial spirit and proactive attitude.

Activist of the Year

A young person who has made his voice heard on an issue close to his heart.

This award recognizes young people who make their voices heard on the major issues facing us today. From the environment and climate change to equality and diversity, this award celebrates the efforts and determination of young people to bring about positive and progressive change at the local or national level.

Mental Health Champion of the Year

A young person who raised awareness about mental health and well-being.

The Mental Health Champion Award recognizes the contributions of young people who help improve the health and well-being of others. Through their efforts, they have helped raise awareness of mental health and/or wellness by showing dedication to family, friends or community members.

Young Caregiver of the Year

A young person caring for a parent, sibling or other family member.

A young carer is a young person who physically or emotionally cares for a family member and goes out of their way to help and support them and make a difference in their family’s lives.

against all odds

A young person who has shown courage and inspiring resilience in the face of difficult life circumstances.

Applicants will have demonstrated positivity and strength of character in their determination to lead a successful life.

Stratford Youth of the Year – Mayor’s Award

This award will be chosen by the Mayor of Stratford from among all nominations received

Each finalist will receive a certificate and each winner will receive a glass prize.

The awards night will take place at City Hall on Saturday, October 15 and

the closing date for entries is September 11 at 11:59 a.m.

Category sponsorship is also available.

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