Theater company organizing courses, youth camps and other events

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The people behind Tweed and Company Theater have released details of their major productions this year, but there’s plenty more in store for audiences and performers.

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With two locations now under company control, the opportunities to view and participate in live events are increasing. The company now owns the Marble Arts Center in Actinolite and holds the lease for the Village Playhouse in Bancroft.

“The hope with both is that they’ll become year-round installations,” said art director and company founder Porter, noting that doesn’t necessarily mean each will be used every weekend.

Asked about the potential for drawing people into the buildings, Porter said he didn’t foresee any problems.

“Everyone wants the experience now as much as they want the product.

“The idea of ​​going to this lovely little church in a field is, I think, appealing to people,” he said, referring to the Marble Arts Centre. The hope, he said, is to make it “more of a destination” despite its relative isolation along Highway 37.

In addition to the company’s productions, Porter said, there have been many requests to rent each room.

“There will probably be entertainment every weekend” between May and October, and possibly even into December, he said.

Starting in March, the company will be offering theater camps for young people from March 14 to 18. There will be summer camps in each room; dates and details are yet to be confirmed.

Both sites will eventually have regular weekly classes and workshops throughout the year; they will be aimed at pre-professional artists.

Concerts, comedies and other one-night events are also planned. Details remain secret.

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The company will screen films from the Toronto International Film Festival in the fall, with the Village Playhouse already booked. Porter said plans to do the same at the Marble Arts Center and possibly elsewhere are still being discussed.

In another novelty of the year, seats in each building will be assigned. Fans can reserve specific seats in advance rather than grabbing what is available upon arrival.

“I think it’s going to be a fun new thing,” Porter said.

Licensed kitchens and bars in each location will be stocked with local produce, the company added in a press release on Tuesday.

In the meantime, the company is holding its first virtual 50-50 draw. Eligible Ontarians can now purchase tickets on the company’s website. The draw will take place at noon on April 1. The funds will help improve accessibility in both buildings and support the development of youth programs.

Check the company’s website for updates and more information.

For more information on youth programming, visit, select a location and click on the “Young Co” tab in the menu bar.

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