The Youth Mentoring Program needs you to build a better future

Here is a question worth considering. Are you passionate about making a real difference by getting to the root of issues in your community?

Children really are the future

If so, Forge Youth Mentoring (FYM) is ready to help you invest in connecting generations through mentoring to strengthen communities and change the lives of generations to come!

The Forge Youth Mentoring site features the quote that describes its mission:

Every successful child has had at least one stable, committed relationship with a supportive adult. The Science of Resilience, Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University.

Just a little time can make a big difference for a child

Forge knows that young people struggle to establish their value and identity and find their purpose in life. Without the experience and guidance of a caring adult, this struggle can lead to bad choices with destructive consequences.

According to Parentology, some of the issues facing children today include:

1. Acceptance

2. Stress

3. Depression and anxiety

4. Self-harm

5. Bullying

6. Desensitization

7. Sex

8. Disrespect

9. Trust

10. Motivation

Now imagine all the children who have no one in their lives to help and encourage them, to share their wisdom with them, to help them develop a unique personal identity, discover new opportunities, and have a greater perspective and wider on where their potential could take them. This is where Forge Mentors come in and that could mean YOU!

In life, if you can dream it, you can do it, but some kids can’t even achieve the dream…but mentors can help.

Backlog of the need for life-changing mentors

Currently, Forge has 30 children waiting for mentors and the qualifications to become one are to commit to dedicating an hour a week to participate in activities based on common interests, while forming an inspiring friendship and confident.

If you want more information, you can find Forge Youth Mentoring on Facebook and online. If you know of a child between the ages of 7 and 18 who would benefit from a mentoring relationship, speak with their counselor or contact YFM at 509.374.7657.

And tonight from 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., you can stop by the Yakima Stone Church, 3303 Englewood Ave. and discover “game night” and meet some program participants.

Forge Youth Mentoring representatives Kimberly Gunvaldson and Todd Kleppin shared the story, mission and current needs on the radio this morning.

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