The 10 best episodes, ranked according to IMDb

Joe Pera speaks with you is one of the more recent entries in the late-night lineup of Adult Swim, a quietly absurd comedy. Although it’s not as there as Tim and Eric Awesome show, great job!, it looks like it could be the serious heir to the mumblecore Midwestern throne.

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The show follows comedian Joe Pera playing a fictional version of himself in a See again meets Monsieur Rogers’ neighborhood style format with nuggets of Nathan for you, focusing on a random topic for each episode. Below we watch Joe Pera speaks with youThe 10 best episodes of the series, ranked according to IMDB.

ten “Joe Pera shows you how to dance” (8.8 / 10)

The fourth episode of the series, the tenth best by IMDB, finds Joe attending a wedding. Joe is, of course, goofy but nonetheless fascinated by the action that takes place on the dance floor, led by the best man. After an energizing conversation with him, Joe makes a spectacularly terrible entry onto the dance floor before dancing like a tree with his colleague Sarah (Jo Firestone). Joe concludes the episode by saying, “We’re not really known for our dancing skills in Northern Michigan.” It may be true, but it’s still entertaining.

9 “Joe Pera guides you in the dark” (8.8 / 10)

One of the more absurd, this episode, the fourth episode of season two, focuses on headlights as a metaphor for Joe and Sarah’s budding relationship. When the power goes out, Joe imagines himself as a man from the 1800s helping out with a nearby lighthouse, which Sarah manages.

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While he can imagine a way for himself to be helpful in the past, he doesn’t know what he can do for Sarah in the present. However, Sarah reminds Joe that he doesn’t need to have a reason to visit her. Being together is enough.

8 “Joe Pera Answers Your Questions About Cold Weather Sports” (8.9 / 10)

In the expansive season one finale, Joe explores deeper, mundane issues after a conversation with Sarah probing him to think about “real things.” Like the previous entry, these questions are a lens of their relationship. Although he thinks he spoiled it, his grandmother tells him that it doesn’t matter if they get along on everything as long as they get along. This turns out to be true when Joe shows up at Sarah’s house and they hang out in her fortified basement. Even though he thinks it’s a bit extreme, they still find more in common than not.

7 “Joe Pera takes you to the grocery store” (8.9 / 10)

The fifth episode of season two, a more straightforward episode that takes a look at the Mr. Rogers vibe of the show, sees Joe taking viewers with him on his weekly shopping trip as he follows a list of Strictly shopping, being careful not to exceed $ 70. budget on his pre-written check.

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While Joe’s routine is predictable, including a friendly visit with the guy in the free sample, the trip ends with a welcome surprise when he’s under his budget and able to afford to afford it. a large gallon of ice cream for his birthday.

6 “Joe Pera has a surprise for you” (8.9 / 10)

By the ninth episode of season two, it’s well established that while Joe is a bit of a weird duck, he’s an incredibly sweet and kind person. This includes surprising his friends with bowls of fresh green beans and organizing a Rat racestyle plan for all her friends to sue for $ 115 in cash.

However, the sum is only tempting for two of his friends, leaving the others to wait with him for their return. When Joe receives a devastating call about his grandmother, the fun stops as life returns to normal.

5 “Joe Pera speaks with you on the first day of school” (8.9 / 10)

The second season finale concludes that summer is drawing to a close and Joe returns to school. As he makes the weakest pot of coffee imaginable to get him through the day, a new student, Gabriel, lights up the classroom and helps dispel Joe’s lingering grief over his chick.

Gabriel’s bright, serious introduction infects the rest of the students, getting the kids to sing a sweet, serious song as the season ends in a sort of curtain call with the rest of the characters.

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4 “Joe Pera helps you write” (9.0 / 10)

This episode, the tenth of the second season, immediately follows the events of “Joe Pera Has a Surprise For You” as Joe struggles to write his grandmother’s obituary. While the episode is ostensibly about the obituary, it is about the heartbreak and aftermath of his death as a whole. The episode is rare with universal themes and feelings beyond the small world built inside Joe Pera speaks with you. It also breaks the traditional format of the show as Sarah briefly takes over from Joe, giving him space in front of the camera.

3 “Joe Pera takes you to breakfast” (9.0 / 10)

The second episode of the story is a pretty straightforward premise as Joe takes viewers with him to have breakfast at his favorite restaurant. As he visits the restaurant, talking to his friends, everyone asks what he plans to order, but Joe shyly keeps his order near the waistcoat.

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The tour ends with Joe stopping at his neighbor, Mike’s table. Mike (Connor O’Malley) explains that he’s trying “the perfect egg bite”, intriguing Joe, much to Mike’s family’s dismay. After Mike’s perfect bite fails, Joe finally sits down in his own cubicle to order breakfast.

2 “Joe Pera takes you on an autumn walk” (9.2 / 10)

The penultimate entry in the list is the second highest rated episode by IMDB and the third episode of the story. It’s also one of the most absurd and hilarious as Joe explores the metaphysical idea of ​​the soul through jack-o-lanterns. As the episode unfolds, viewers learn that Joe takes a fall tour on the Saturday after Halloween each year in order to find the piece of his soul he gave to the pumpkin he carved. . Like many other episodes on the list, even the most absurd ones, Joe Pera speaks with you always manages to stay soft and grounded.

1 Joe Pera reads Church announcements to you (9.8 / 10)

With an almost perfect IMDB rating, the sixth episode of the first season finds Joe reading announcements during Christmas mass, only to pause to tell a story about his recent discovery of The Who. The episode then reverts to Joe hearing “Baba O’Riley” on the radio and going mad, calling multiple stations to request the song as he drinks wine, eats ice cream, and dances with his basset hound. It’s a delightful subversion of a typical Christmas episode without feeling sarcastic, true to the philosophy of Joe Pera speaks with you.

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