Texas Youth Camps Must Follow These Guidelines When Reopening

The day and night youth programs will reopen as of May 31, Gov. Greg Abbott said.

HOUSTON – As summer approaches, many families will be happy to hear that youth camps will be allowed to operate.

Governor Greg Abbott on Monday announced the second phase of his gradual plan to reopen the state. The announcement included the return of the day and night youth camps starting May 31.

In the meantime, youth camps are allowed to make preparations and collect all necessary supplies and equipment to maintain health and safety protocols.

All staff and volunteers should be trained in proper cleaning and disinfection, hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette.

Employees and volunteers with underlying health issues should have limited attendance or not be allowed to attend camp. If possible, the state recommends that staff wear face coverings at all times. The same goes for campers.

Texas recommends that the camp appoint someone to oversee the application of health protocols and to monitor possible symptoms among staff and children.

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The camps are also responsible for ensuring access to on-site medical personnel, or a doctor on call, during the duration of a camp session.

Regarding the structure of the camp, the guidelines state that campers should be separated into groups based on age, year or other criteria to limit participants’ exposure. Mixing of groups should be limited.

Off-campus travel is strongly discouraged and should be limited or eliminated from the schedule completely if possible. When traveling, Texas recommends that all occupants of the vehicle wear face covers and only one person in every other row of the vehicle.

Staff should be screened and monitored daily for symptoms of the coronavirus, they should be tested and isolated. If the staff member is positive, they should leave immediately and all parents should be notified.

The staff member will be allowed to return 72 hours after full recovery or with a special note from a healthcare professional.

Parents or guardians can decide to either collect their child from the camp or leave the child in the camp and trust the camp to take the appropriate protective measures.

If a child tests positive for coronavirus, all parents should be informed and have the choice to pick up their child.

Parents will only be allowed when dropping off and picking up the motorhome. Parents are advised to stay in their vehicle if possible.

In the case of overnight camps, parental visits are not allowed and staff members should not be allowed to travel to surrounding communities.

Find more details on health protocols and guidelines for youth camp operators and parents here on the official Texas government website.

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