Synergy between government and youth organizations key to sustainable development – ​​Minister of Youth

“Your National Vision Process (NVP) which seeks to bring together ideas, data using different formats is a flagship initiative, which would be extremely beneficial not only to your organization but also to the ministry, as whatever is fed into this process will help us, our budgeting process and the trainings we have, digital skills training, training in about five key areas, relating to young people.”

With these words, Minister of Youth and Sports Development, Sunday Dare set the tone for the interactive session with the delegation from the Nigeria Youth Future Funds (NYFF) who paid him a courtesy visit to his office on Monday.

NYFF Board of Directors Co-Chair, Chineye Nwanaka, in her presentation, highlighted the NYFF’s mandate areas to include the National Vision Process (NYP); Youth leadership development and engagement online and in the media. She pointed out that the visit, in addition to giving the organization the opportunity to brief the Minister on its activities, including providing grants to entrepreneurs and technology hubs, capacity building trainings, among others, would also explore areas of collaboration with the Ministry of Youth. Development.

“What I really like about our youth leadership development program is the programs we have with universities – developing programs that target various critical skill sets that young people need to thrive. Lots of people complain that young college graduates aren’t ready for the job, they don’t have the skills to compete in the global economy Part of what we do is partner with key institutions to try to build this into the curriculum to ensure that we leverage the e-learning skills and capacity building of young people,” Ms Nwanaka added.

In his response, the minister commended the NYFF for its laudable initiatives, corroborating the organization’s position that there is a mismatch between the degrees awarded and the jobs available, stating that this required the cybersecurity training facilitated by the ministry because half a million jobs have been discovered available in the sector in 2021, but no certified cybersecurity experts to fill them.

“Cybersecurity training is a specialized type of training, so we partnered with Halogen and the first two days we announced this training, 61,000 young people applied. We manage to train about 10,000 of them, get them certified With this certification, practically out of 5 organizations, 3 of them are looking for cybersecurity experts.

“Do you know why? We live in a digital world, we have cyberattacks, so we are looking forward to getting the profile on NVP, its details, and then we explore the areas that we can connect to,” Dare assured.

The minister urged the organization to look beyond urban youth in its outreach, saying research has shown that 56% of young people between the ages of 15 and 35 live in rural areas. He expressed the ministry’s willingness to partner with the NYFF to expand access to its flagship youth development programs, such as the Digital Entrepreneurship Empowerment Leadership (DEEL) program and the National Youth Investment Fund (NYIF), among others. .

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