Still on Kashifu’s justification of youth excellence –

The trajectory of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu thought of all the discernments to note the importance of empowerment and philanthropy in today’s world, just like the trajectory of Kashifu Inuwa Abdullahi which saw him become the general manager of National Information Technology Development Agency about three years ago.

Well, he has become the most popular head of parastatals in Nigeria as his rumored ambition for governor has kept Jigawa state’s political decision going for more than two months and we have heard that it was mostly about how he looked to be the governor of this state. , if not a perfect show of excellence, then what more could there be?

Remember I pointed out on his first birthday that he vindicated the so-called youth excellence in governance that activists like us have always touted.

However, we have always insisted that you can only be assured of this when the recruitment is good. READ HERE.

He has constantly maintained consistency regarding his person and when one does so, his original intention would only continue to progress steadily until it was consolidated into a kind of ideology and which aims to frame the youth for the national development.

While all of the activities that informed my opinion of his first year in office relied on an exceptional display of management skills, he had since presented another cardinal ideal of a progressive and that is “empowerment”.

He had demonstrated his willingness to share what little he has with the people around him, especially the people in his constituency and who he grew up with and has since become more of a family to him, you know they say “charity begins at home”. We would first know a person if we could receive the proper praise from their parents.

Kashifu anchored that in no time and he deserves a standing ovation. Because what we write is the result of critical research and objectivity, the reader may choose to ask any citizen of Jigawa State who Kashifu is, so you will justify me.

You know nothing hides under the sun and it’s only a matter of time before critical people notice to appreciate what you do, so it’s no wonder the Qatar Foundation chose to collaborate with the Inuwa Foundation to provide massive empowerment to the people of Jigawa State.

It showed an alignment of principle, remember that Qatar as a nation maintains a high level of integrity and you will find it in every one of its endeavors.

The choice of who they will partner with in any venture will also have to tick all of their boxes. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you ‘The Inuwa Foundation’.

He started from Jigawa State and moved forward to see how to reach the rest of the nation through plans such as improving digital literacy and entrepreneurship.

All kinds of empowerment have been distributed through the above collaboration, ranging from the distribution of sewing machines to grinders, to pumping machines for irrigation and so much provision of infrastructure like schools, mosques, etc the distribution was devoid of sentiment and it ensured that the items and infrastructure reached the people and places that needed them most and deserved them the most. Such types of efforts are to be appropriately commended for educating others as well as teaching some of the remaining leaders how best to utilize positions of authority and influence.

What Kashifu has used this philanthropy to do is instill hope and mentor young people to see reasons to be good people and to have empathy for one another.

Empathy has proven to be one of the most important attributes a leader can have. Millions of jobs will be created through efforts like his as the form of empowerment will create a chain that will stretch to create profit lines directly and indirectly.

All young people with opportunities are again encouraged to imbibe such a spirit in order to convince everyone that youth empowerment advocacy could indeed be the change needed for the prosperity of our people and of our country.

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