“Save the victims of training or forget the elections”

* Calls for the dismissal of the NSA

One group, Arewa Youth Assembly, has warned that unless the other 43 train passengers abducted by terrorists on March 28 are released, the 2023 general elections will not be held in the North.

The group, which noted that it shared the pain and agony the families of the victims of the train attack were going through, also cautioned the authority against taking its threat lightly.

The AYA, which includes youths from the 19 northern states and Abuja, also called for the immediate dismissal of national security adviser Maj. Gen. Babagana Munguno (retired), saying he was short of funds. ideas.

It was then that the Assembly, through its Speaker, Mohammed Danlami, in a statement issued in Kaduna on Monday, called for an investigation into all military spending in the war against terrorism and banditry across the country.

According to the statement, the young people of the region will ensure that no one participates in political activities or in the upcoming elections if “our brothers and sisters in captivity are not released”.

In addition, the group noted that the authorities concerned must ensure that all territories conquered by terrorist groups are liberated before the next general elections.

The statement read: “As the victims of the ill-fated train to Abuja-Kaduna marked 120 days of captivity, which was celebrated by the terrorists through a released video illustrating how they are assaulted, the Youth Assembly of ‘Arewa (AYA) shares the pain and agony of the immediate families and friends of those in captivity. We pray to God to intervene by his supernatural power and set them free.

“The Assembly is bold to declare that our young people will not participate in the activities in preparation for the general elections of 2023 and the elections proper if our brothers and sisters in captivity are not released.

“Furthermore, most of our local government areas and communities are now under the control of either Ansaru terrorists in the central north and northwest or ISWAP in the northeast. In other words, politicians are only welcome in our region when we have every reason to believe that our forests are free of bandits and terrorists.

Claiming that the president, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (ret’d), was no longer safe due to the activities of non-state actors, the group called on the national security adviser to resign or be removed and replaced by the president.

“AYA notes that the growing audacity of non-state actors, which led to the invasion of Kuje Maximum Prison, Abuja, and the subsequent release of many arrested Boko Haram commanders, shows that even Mr. the president in the Aso Rock presidential villa is unsure.

“It is only a matter of time, these motley elements will take inspiration from Afghan terrorists and take over the leadership of our country.

“We found that this insult to the supremacy of our country would not have been possible if the national security adviser, who was to guide Mr. President, had not been short of ideas.

“Since his appointment over 7 years ago, we strongly believe that the man has run out of steam and has nothing new to offer, therefore, the honorable thing for him to do is to pack his bags and return to his retirement destination and if he does not, Mr. President should urgently dismiss him and have him replaced,” the group added.

The Assembly also denounced alleged corruption, noting that if defense budgets were properly deployed, the motley terrorists would not stand up to the highly trained Nigerian Armed Forces for just “three days”.

“Nigerians, however, believe that the armed forces remain the most corrupt institution in our country, which needs to be properly checked by various anti-corruption agencies,” the group added.

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