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Jeddah Season 2022: Weekly Al-Sabt Souk brings local businesses and artists to Art Promenade

JEDDAH: Art Promenade, one of Jeddah Season’s nine zones, now hosts Souk Al-Sabt every Saturday for artists and other creatives to showcase their work.

Local businesses are invited to participate by selling their handicrafts, creations and even home-cooked meals, allowing visitors to experience these products beyond the confines of the digital world.


• Fashion designer Lujain Serrie, owner of creative.ell, and five young female artists, known as Waz Gallery, are grateful for the opportunity to showcase their work.

• The Art Promenade is a seaside avenue in Jeddah that features carnivals, shows and traveling shows, as well as art installations, restaurants, cafes and a shopping district.

Interested persons can apply through the Matloob platform, which lists available opportunities at all Saudi Seasons events.

(A photo by Rahaf Jambi)

Lujain Serrie, fashion designer and owner of creative.ell, has created a sketchbook that functions as a guide for budding designers, featuring silhouettes and fabric names.

“As a fashion designer who creates her (own) products, Souk Al-Sabt has been a good exhibition for me to present my work, especially because it’s the weekend and people come to visit Art Walk,” Serrie told Arab News.

Wejdan Falata, Sales Manager for Hobby World, joined Souk Al-Sabt to engage families in arts and crafts.

Art Promenade, one of Jeddah’s seasonal areas, brought activity to Souk Al-Sabt, a market that takes place every Saturday. (A photo by Rahaf Jambi)

“We sell arts and crafts, but we decided to join the Saturday market because many people and children don’t know that they are passionate about arts and crafts. So they can come here and try pottery or paintings at affordable prices, and they can also get art supplies from us,” Falata said.

Falata believes that Souk Al-Sabt is an opportunity to discover small businesses and engage families in various activities. “Everyone who passes by our stand has given us a positive reaction and has shown an interest in arts and crafts.

“I think the Art Promenade is suitable for this type of activity (Souk Al-Sabt) because it is on the waterfront and many visitors come here to visit restaurants, shop and watch shows.”

(A photo by Rahaf Jambi)

A talented group of five young women, known as the Waz Gallery, showcase their paintings on accessories such as wallets and handbags. “Each of us has a different style of drawing, be it abstract, animated or realistic, and we all worked together and created Waz Gallery. We participated in Jeddah Season, and before that Riyadh Season,” said l one of the artists.

The Art Promenade is a beachfront avenue in Jeddah that features traveling carnivals, shows, and acts, as well as art installations, restaurants, cafes, and a shopping district.

Souk Al-Sabt will be held every Saturday until the end of the Jeddah season.

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