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A leading global player in the bathroom and kitchen industry, Hansgrohe, presented a one-of-a-kind music album with sounds of water. The album titled WaterTunes was released on Spotify, Amazon Music among other music platforms and uses the electropop music genre to create original sounds of water disturbance.

The music was composed by the Hamburg musicians Florian Kruse and Andreas Paulsen. Gaurav Malhotra, MD India and Regional Key Accounts Asia, Hansgrohe Group tells us more:

What prompted you to create this album?

Admittedly, at first, the idea of ​​making music out of water disturbance noises seemed a bit far-fetched. But these noises are precisely the sounds that we filter in our laboratory. After all, we want our customers to hear a pleasant sound of water in the shower.

Our desire is to express our passion for water: with a design that stands the test of time. In doing so, we set the rhythm of each drop – how it flows, how and when it hits a surface. There are very quiet water jets which are quite good.

How do the sounds of water uplift our mood?

Each piece of music underlines our demand for quality and is a testament to the efforts we put into creating a perfect product experience. A discreet whistle, an annoying purring, these are for us real exclusion criteria when it comes to the quality of our showers and our taps.

And yet it is precisely these water disturbing noises that prove how high our quality standards are: If the noises we filter already sound so good that producers can make music out of them, what must be the sound of our showers?

Can you give us an overview of the water tracks?

Initially, our motivation was to create instruments from the sounds of water disturbance that could be played on the keyboard. In the process, we discovered that it is difficult to generate emotions from pure noise.

So we started to use noise creatively in different ways from track to track. Each track on the album incorporates disturbing sounds recorded by Hansgrohe. The water disturbance noises set the beat for each track we made up and based on that noise we then recorded additional drums, basses and melodies, and for two songs we also recorded some voice.

Tell us about the composers.

The artists behind WaterTunes, Florian Kruse and his co-composer Andreas Paulsen from FRY-STUDIOS in Hamburg, created the project ‘Future & The Past’. Water-Tunes is the first album. Anyone can listen to music in the shower – but very few produce music from water disturbance noises.

Florian is an international DJ, music producer, sound designer, speaker and label owner, as well as an international composer and producer of music for films and commercials. Together with Paulsen, he composed rousing music based on the sounds of water disturbance inside Hansgrohe’s spray lab and sound during the sound optimization of the shower and faucet prototypes.


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She says that since time immemorial, water has been used for treatment, noting, “Historically, many gurus have used water for treatments. We use salt water baths, water charging, affirmations as well as other spiritual healing techniques and removing negativity from one’s body. and home. “

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