Rochester kids learn about 3D printing and coding at tech camp

ROCHESTER, NY (WROC) – Some local youngsters are keeping cool this week with a tech camp that helps them explore 3D printing, virtual reality and coding.

Boundless Connections is a Rochester-based organization that offers activities and lessons for kids ages 13-17 (and beginner skill programs for ages 11-12).

The camp tries to create innovative ways to expose children and teens to technology. For example, to illustrate how coding works and how a computer might interpret directions, campers must navigate a maze.

For some, coding may seem daunting, but not for the kids at Boundless Connections.

“We’re constantly trying to connect the tech world to the real world and the things people know,” said Christina Lopez, CEO of Boundless Connections.

Lopez led the maze session, teaching children about binary thinking and how memory works in a computer.

Lopez says Boundless Connections started with a desire to connect people’s interests with tech skills.

Last Wednesday, the camp welcomed visitors from the Rochester Urban League and gave them the chance to play while exploring these complex ideas. for the chance to play and explore complex ideas.

“We are working in conjunction with their ongoing summer camps right now,” Tchianna McPeak, operations manager, said of the Rochester Urban League. “Because they make more entrepreneurs, so [we’re thinking] how can we add technology to their already existing program. »

McPeak said the kids pick two topics they want to focus on while at camp. It’s about how they can combine their thoughts and creativity with the world of technology.

McPeak said they ask children guiding questions to help them choose their topic. “What issues do you see in your community, and where can we apply this to technology?” McPeak said. “So this group currently sees that there is inequality and racism, so they’re working on green screens, animations and stickers based on the issues in their community.”

At the end of the camp, all the work will be presented to the community.

Boundless Connections is currently in the middle of a week-long session, with another scheduled for August and a final one during the school year.

McPeak and Lopez say many kids leave feeling empowered and ready to take on the professional world.

“This generation, they’re growing up with technology, so we’re like, ‘How can we step aside and provide resources, and guide them?’ McPeak said.

“We had people get jobs right away,” Lopez said. “We asked young people if they already had work documents, because they are very productive and can actually talk about what they do – which is really rare in the technology industry.”

Boundless Connections currently has two locations – one in Rochester and one about a two hour drive away in Olean, NY. To learn more about the organization, visit their website.

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