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RM500,000 Prize for Children and Youth at Malaysia Olympics 2022

Published on: Thursday 07 July 2022

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Adham Baba (3rd from the right) listens to the explanations of the tutors on the operation of the programmable robot.

Prizes worth up to RM500,000 await the winners of the Malaysia Techlympics 2022, a nationwide program aimed at raising awareness, igniting interest and cultivating the creation of ideas in the fields of science, technology and innovation (STI).

An initiative of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI), Malaysia Techlympics 2022 will start from March to November 2022. It is expected to attract one million students and young people between the ages of seven and 30 to participate in which is the largest national initiative to instill STI through fun and informal learning. Malaysia Techlympics 2022 aspires to produce 2,000 ideas with commercialization potential. Various learning activities, including workshops, webinars and quizzes, will be conducted online in 50 locations at the school, district, state and national levels to produce a future generation of innovators and far-sighted agents of change.

Participants will be exposed to research-based and project-based learning in science, engineering, computing and microcomputing, Internet of Things, robotics, drones, mathematics, creative design and animation, and 3D printing and development.

Malaysia Techlympics hopes to explore young people’s interests and scientific research through competitions.

According to research, Malaysian students’ interest and appreciation for science has been high over the years, but they have very little confidence in the subject. Malaysia Techlympics 2022 is therefore a key initiative to improve scientific skills and reasoning, while allowing young people to sharpen their communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity, leading to increased confidence in the subject. It provides an inclusive and integrated platform for an integrated STI approach, to ensure that scientific concepts can be linked to everyday life. The programs are designed to foster ideas for solving current problems facing Malaysians – which include solutions for post-covid-19 recovery, environment and climate change, health and well-being, future big things, jobs, connectivity and mobility, food security and sustainability, technology and innovation and more.

The competition encourages students to bring their innovative ideas to life and encourages entrepreneurship.

The 25 competition will cover five themes, namely artificial intelligence and data science, space exploration, drones and their applications, famous technologies as well as innovation for public welfare and environmental sustainability. The theme of artificial intelligence and data science includes five competitions on artificial intelligence for young people, technovation, data science, children’s computational thinking and an open competition on artificial intelligence. The theme of space exploration includes three competitions, namely a space innovation competition, a space base challenge and a cubesat challenge.

The technology and development of drones is also one of the themes of the competition.

Three challenges await you under the theme of drones and their applications, namely drone flight, unmanned aerial vehicle engineering as well as drone innovation. The ongoing technology theme pits participants against seven challenges: a quiz-a-thon, a creative video, minecraft, a math whiz, a three-minute TikTok, the fastest FC 1 coding and future challenges vehicles. Under the theme of innovation for public welfare and environmental sustainability, participants will be tested on the design of the house of the future, smart agriculture, materials science, environmental monitoring and inclusive innovation.

STI is an important means of developing highly skilled talent to support future high-tech economic growth.

Over 620,000 participants have registered for Malaysia Techlympics 2022 events and activities. Register at: https://www.techlympics.my/ before July 15 to participate in contests, forums, webinars and more again, which will run until November. Malaysia Techlympics 2022 social media details and updates.

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