Revelations in the ‘Separated from the Head’ module, young people are trained in stone throwing, karate is taught SEXI News

Revelations in the ‘Separated from the head’ module, young people are trained in stone throwing, karate is taught

New revelations are made about the dangerous plans of the Indian Popular Front (PFI). Module “Sir Tan Se Judaa” TV 9 Bharatvarsh has great information about it People’s Front of IndiaAfter Kerala and Telangana, he tried to target the youth of Uttar Pradesh. This organization used to take funds from people for anti-social and anti-national campaigns. Officials interview people associated with PFI 7 tips I decoded in .

During the interrogation of the arrested members of the Popular Front of India, a big revelation was made about the “Hindustan Mission”. Through interrogation, the heads of the investigative agencies deciphered the mission of the PFI. These connected people were now trying to connect the youth of Uttar Pradesh with them. At the same time, his effort was to brainwash young people through educational institutions. He also recruited for the propagation of radical ideas.

The entire track record of the Popular Front of India across the country came to the fore from the interrogation of arrested PFI members. After Kerala and Telangana, young people in Uttar Pradesh have been the target of PFI. According to the report, PFI raises funds in the name of social work and uses them for anti-social and anti-national propaganda.

Code D ‘Mission Hindustan’ of PFI

  1. After Kerala-Telangana, now UP youth on target
  2. Money in the name of social work, anti-national propaganda
  3. Schools, colleges, madrasas in Muslim majority areas
  4. Brainwashing youth through educational institutions
  5. Recruitment for the propagation of radical ideas
  6. bluff agencies across different wings
  7. Terrorist program through different branches

Not only that, numerous raids on the PFI sleeper cell by investigative agencies across the country show that PFI has launched many wings to avoid government agencies and spread its agenda. The PFI had formed several separate organizations to avoid government agencies.

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Training to keep and throw stones on the roof

During the interrogation of people associated with PFI, it was also revealed that in the name of social services, this organization collects funds and uses them for anti-social and anti-Indian activities. Moreover, it has also emerged that a large number of recruitment campaigns are carried out in schools, colleges and madrasas located in Muslim majority localities. Training is also conducted in madrasas at many places. These people also receive training in stone throwing and karate.

It also emerged that PFI provides training to spread radicalism and violence in its meetings. In the organization, its members receive training in martial arts and karate to make them proficient in all arts. In addition, training is provided, ranging from throwing stones to depositing stones on the roof of the house. People also receive training to gather in crowds and then incite people to spread riots.

During interrogation, it emerged that more than 200 terrorists had been trained in southern India. Their aim is to target the poor, beggars and oppressed young Muslims. It also includes brainwashing these people into thinking about an anti-Hindu agenda.

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