Responsible AI for Youth 2022: A National Curriculum for Students in India

Deadline: 30-Oct-22

If you are a student studying in grades 8-12, excited to expand your understanding of AI technology and have the chance to learn with the brightest minds from across the country, register to the “Responsible AI for Youth 2022” program.

The National E-Governance Division, Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Government of India, in collaboration with its partners, has launched “Responsible AI for Youth 2022” – A national program for students in the aim to empower students in grades 8-12 with AI technology and social skills in an inclusive way. The program will provide a platform for young people to learn and apply AI skills and be empowered to develop meaningful solutions with social impact.

Responsible AI for Youth 2022 aims to foster a deeper understanding of AI, equip students in grades 8-12 with AI skills, and enable them to become designers and users human-centric AI. The program provides an applied learning experience for students to understand and identify how AI technology can be used to solve critical problems and lead to inclusive nation development.

The programme, in its latest iteration, provided an opportunity for 20 students from across the country to travel to Delhi to interact and present their work to Honorable Minister of Union, Shri Ashwini Vaishnaw and Honorable Minister of State, Shri Rajeev Chandrasekhar. As part of the program, some students also had the opportunity to travel to Ahmedabad to interact and present their solutions to the Honorable Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi during Digital India Week 2022.


Key program objectives:

  • Foster a better understanding of AI technology and social skills.
  • Empower young people to develop AI-based solutions as a sign of success.
  • Empower young people to become human-centered AI designers and users.

Students must submit their ideas under 8 predefined themes.

  • AI in agriculture
    • Use AI to manage and manage agricultural production and improve India’s primary agricultural sector.
  • AI in healthcare
    • Innovate with AI for medical research, patient care and diagnosis, healthcare system automation, and related fields.
  • AI in Education
    • Engage your imagination to find AI solutions to address learning in the digital age, education management, assessment, and learner-centered fields.
  • AI in environment and clean energy
    • Develop AI-based solutions to protect and conserve the environment and for the adoption of renewable energy sources.
  • AI in transport
    • Use AI to alleviate increasing pressure on transportation systems and networks, logistics infrastructure, accident prevention, intelligent traffic management, and more.
  • AI for rural development
    • Using AI to promote sustainable and inclusive growth in rural India through solutions to eradicate poverty, create jobs, provide social security benefits, develop growth infrastructure, and more.
  • AI for smart cities
    • Use AI to promote sustainable and inclusive cities that provide a decent quality of life, a clean and sustainable environment through the application of certain smart solutions such as smart waste management, smart lighting systems, etc.
  • AI in law and justice
    • Use AI to promote accountability, transparency, efficiency and accessibility of law and the justice system.
  • Students
    • A “Certificate of Attendance” will be issued to all students who attend orientation sessions.
    • After a successful idea submission, students will receive a certificate of appreciation.
    • Students shortlisted for Phase 2 will receive a training attendance certificate upon completion of the Deep Dive AI training.
    • An opportunity for selected students to present solutions at different levels to senior officials and industry representatives.
  • Schools:
    • Schools actively supporting mass enrollment, providing infrastructure, digital materials, etc. will be recognized for their efforts.

The program will take place in three phases

  • Phase I
    • Teachers will be integrated into the program by self-nomination here
    • Teachers to be nominated by State/UT as:
      • 10+ teachers to be named in states/UTs with less than 20 districts.
      • 15+ Teachers to be appointed in States/UTs with 20-40 districts.
      • 20+ teachers to be named in states/UT with 40+ districts
    • Teachers will be oriented to provide an overview of the program and their roles and responsibilities. Session details will be shared in advance.
    • Each nominated teacher will identify students from their respective schools and share their contact details with the organizing team. Additionally, students can self-register by clicking “Participate Now (for Student)”.
    • Online orientation sessions will be held for enrolled students around core AI concepts by experts to facilitate understanding of the ideation process.
    • The “Certificate of Participation” will be available for students to download through the program web portal after the online orientation is complete.
    • Students will be encouraged to submit ideas (individually or in teams of 2) through a 120-second video explaining an AI-enabled solution proposal for one of the eight main themes.
      • Krishi – AI in agriculture
      • Aarogya – AI in Healthcare
      • Shiksha – AI in Education
      • Paryavaran – AI in environment and clean energy
      • Parivahan – AI in transport
      • Grameen Vikas – AI for rural development
      • AI for smart cities
      • Vidhi aur Nyaay – AI in Law and Justice
    • Students will be able to upload their “Certificate of Appreciation” via the program web portal after submitting a successful idea.
    • The best AI-based solutions among those proposed will be evaluated for the next phase by an independent committee of experts.
  • Phase II
    • Shortlisted students will complete an in-depth online AI training
    • A 3-day face-to-face boot camp will be held to provide adequate mentorship and guidance by AI For Youth coaches.
    • After the mentoring camps, the students will use this newly acquired knowledge to develop AI-based innovations/projects on one of the eight main themes and submit the final applications.
    • The best projects will be pre-selected after evaluation by a jury of experts.
  • Phase III
    • Students will benefit from an IPR learning and orientation opportunity
    • The most innovative AI-based solutions will be announced and invited to a national showcase and congratulations ceremony
    • Students will receive exclusive prizes in the following categories:
      • Most Inclusive Project Award
      • Most Futuristic Project Award
      • Most Sustainable Project Award
Eligibility criteria
  • Teacher
    • If you are a teacher, you can nominate yourself for the program.
    • You can apply/be selected for this program if you:
      • Are a teacher in any school.
      • Have experience teaching students in grades 8 and up.
      • Are tech-savvy and adept at using the Internet as an educational resource.
      • Are enthusiastic about learning new technologies and willing to mentor students.
      • Participate in extracurricular or extracurricular activities at school.
      • Use mass media tools for interactive teaching.
      • Have mentorship and leadership abilities.
  • Students
  • Students from all over India studying in grades 8-12 from any state/UT of India are eligible to participate.

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