President urges young people to become entrepreneurs instead of chasing jobs

President M Abdul Hamid has called on young people to become self-sufficient by using their talents and innovative ideas without chasing jobs.

“Today’s educated young men and women are chasing jobs after finishing their education, but it is absolutely impossible to find jobs for everyone…his only alternative is to turn educated unemployed young people into entrepreneurs “, said the president virtually during a reception at Agargaon in Dhaka on Monday evening.

Organized by the Ministry of Industries and the SME Foundation, President Hamid virtually joined the discussion of the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) Day 2022, BSS reports.

The addition: “An entrepreneur not only creates jobs for himself…but also creates jobs for others.”

The facilities needed to become an entrepreneur are not yet fully developed, especially in terms of obtaining a loan, he said, adding that the government has already taken several steps in this regard.

Abdul Hamid said that the father of the nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman gave special importance to the development of the management of these large-scale industries through nationalization.

The industrialization trend in Bangladesh is progressing in the light of Bangabandhu’s economic philosophy, he observed.

Noting the importance of MSMEs as the engine of the economy, the President said, “Through the development of the MSME sector, industrialization, job creation, poverty reduction and balanced development are possible. “.

President Hamid said that due to the pro-industry policies and initiatives of the current government, Bangladesh has already achieved unprecedented development of industrialization in the private sector.

He said that over the past 13/14 years, the number of large and heavy industries, as well as small and medium industries in the country has grown at a significant rate, creating job opportunities across the country. and accelerating the global economy. and social progress.

Noting that there has also been visible improvement and progress in other indicators of the economy, he said that the construction of the Padma Bridge was made possible by the government’s own funds thanks to the strong measures taken by the timely decisions of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

“It has created opportunities for the development and growth of small and medium industries as well as large-scale industries in the southern part of the country. In addition, the Padma Bridge is expected to play an important role in the overall development and progress of the country,” the president added.

He said a large number of women in the country are now focusing on business by creating small and medium enterprises that have a positive impact on women’s employment, empowerment and socio-economic development.

Through all these steps and programs, progress will be made in creating and developing entrepreneurs in the future, Hamid hoped.

Expressing deep concern over the activities of some unscrupulous traders, he said, “There are people who start their business and start dreaming of becoming millionaires overnight. They raise the price of goods unreasonably on the pretext of sun-rain, storm-storm. ”

The head of state called on entrepreneurs to let go of the get-rich-overnight mentality and advised them to run their business honestly with good customer relations to sustain their business.

Recognizing business as a noble profession, he said businessmen should also be vigilant and cooperate with the government so that the reputation of the entire business community is not tarnished by some dishonest individuals.

The Head of State said that the pro-business and industry-friendly policies and initiatives of the government have created an enabling environment for the development of entrepreneurship in the country and this opportunity should be seized.

If a large section of young people can become entrepreneurs and a conducive business environment can be provided for them, then it will be possible to transform Bangladesh into a developed and prosperous “Sonar Bangla” as envisaged by the Father of the Nation, did he declare. .

Minister of Industry Nurul Majid Mahmud Humayun presided over the ceremony while Minister of State for Industries Kamal Ahmed Majumder and Chairman of SME Foundation Prof. Dr. Md Masudur Rahman among others also addressed the ceremony. on this occasion.

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