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The only acceptable way to accept money from your parents is if you and them sign a contract that says you’ll pay it back and act on it once things get better.

As long as they treat you like a teenager, it is understandable that you are an adult person and that would be frustrating. Talk to them calmly and rationally, and never raise your voice or act aggressively. Remember, however, that this is their home and you must obey their rules just as you would if it was your home and you had a tenant.

Also consider that maybe one day the roles will be reversed and they will have to come and live with you.

On the other hand, if they start wanting to punish you for not following their household rules, that’s another topic. If it gets so weird and uncomfortable, definitely talk about it while keeping the tips above in mind.

I believe everyone here can come to an agreement and come together halfway, as long as the discussion is civil.

Everyone I have spoken to in my family as well as my friends get their older kids and especially their teenage video games. My husband and I would like to be the eccentrics and not succumb to this madness. They are already way too much on their digital devices. Can you recommend any holiday gifts for this group? We also have younger children.

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