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BILLINGS, Mont. — Billings parents and guardians who are meet challenges as they arise children and teenagers now have a place to share their struggles.

In a study carried out by A pWell earlier This year, it was determined that 74% of parents find it more difficult to raise children and teenagers now than when they were growing up.

The study shows that younger generations are more defiant of authority figures.

Because of this, many parents struggle to find ways to communicate effectively with and raise their children.

The Jed Lechner Yessouth Sservices VSenter or SJC in Downtown Billings offers a parenting support group for parents with children in middle school and high school every Jtuesday. The goal is to create a safe space where parents can communicate and share when the difficulties at home become too much.

Addiction SPspecialist at CSY, Kale Joyce is one of the advisors who lead the group.

He said, sharing between parents helps teach their not act out of frustration when a teenager or child is unruly and disobedient, but to assess the situation first and then act.

“When we talk about what the parents do, he would aim more for what is best for them in this situation… and his just kind of brainstorming how i can approach it differently and is there a better way to step back and let my anger go away so i can deal with it better” he says

kale adds, many parents he works with try to find the right things to say to their children, but he says their, his Not that easy.

“Parents of teens and tweens need to understand that there is no solution. We are all doing it and there is no playbook. Oe have to be able to come together and reflect and feel like you’re not the only one dealing with this, because you’re not. if there’s a relative out there who thinks they’re the only one taking care of it. they are not. there are a lot more parents who are dealing with this exact problem.”

Joyce said, when it comes to home clashes, you can’t blame the parent or the child.

He adds, every child and every parent have bad times and both make mistakes.

“Bad parents are not the focus, bad kids are not the focus. his to understand that parents are trying to live their lives, they are trying to be who they are and developing effective parenting skills and a child is trying to grow up and become someone and they even know who they are.”

The purpose of the group is to talk to the parent about these errors and offer solutions that lead to healthy communication and relationships between a child and a relative.

Joyce says, being a parent himself, he understands that it really does take a whole village to raise a child.

Ted Lechner Youth Service Center: (406) 256-6825

410 S.26e ST. Billing, MT

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