Padman Arunachalam Muruganatham will soon launch 100% biodegradable and inexpensive sanitary napkins

Dr Arunachalam Muruganatham, better known as Padman, plans to launch inexpensive 100% biodegradable sanitary napkins very soon.

Padman Dr Arunachalam Muruganatham

Dr Arunachalam Muruganatham, better known as Padman, plans to launch 100% biodegradable sanitary napkins very soon.

At the TiE Sustainability Global Summit in Hyderabad, he revealed that the trials were 98% successful and that it takes some time for the final product to hit the market.

Almost 12 billion (1200 crore) of sanitary napkins are thrown away each year, and a napkin takes 500 to 800 years to degrade.

“I am aware of the problem. According to Menstrual Health Alliance India, a sanitary napkin could take 500 to 800 years to decompose because the plastic used is not biodegradable and can pose risks to health and the environment. the philosophy rooted in my system that everything we produce should be made from natural and environmentally friendly materials. And we are happy to be about to hit the market with the most environmentally friendly sanitary napkins from environment and cheaper, ”said Dr. Arunachalam.

He added that 90 percent of women in India do not use sanitary napkins.

“I did it by trial and error. In due course, I lost respect. I was considered a fool. My wife threw divorce papers in my face. But, I still did. kept the end result in mind. And now I have everything I had lost. I am a happy man. I cannot call it a success. It is a journey, “he said. -he declares.

Dr Arunachalam has installed 5,300 low cost sanitary napkin machines across India and in 27 other countries. As a result, more than 45 million women have switched from unhygienic methods to sanitary napkins using this method, he added.

Making India a 100% sanitary napkin country from the current level of less than 10% is Dr Arunachalam’s dream.

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