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Sam Daykin, OzGREEN Youth Activities Coordinator.

A THOUGHT that sparked two days at OzGREEN’s Bellingen Older Youth World Congress, led by Sue Lennox, saw a select group of five committed attendees, including OzGREEN’s new Youth Activities Coordinator, Sam Daykin, to take a step back from the hustle and bustle. professional life and share a space for real ideas to start flowing and their hearts to open wide.

Participants were overwhelmingly inspired by the change.

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The group began with strategic questioning and deep listening, creating space for heart-to-heart conversation and learning to really listen to each other.

They looked at the threats we face in these trying times and developed a vision for a fairer future and ideas for realizing that vision.

Thinking about their concerns today, including lack of time to focus on what is needed due to long working hours to survive, lack of education on climate change, sustainability and overpopulation , the young group summarized how they would like to live their future life with the following statements.

“We have fair working conditions and time to do what is important.

“We actively take care of our beautiful planet at home, at work and at play.

“Our community is knowledgeable about climate change and sustainability.

“Children learn from an early age to live sustainably.

“We live within the limits of our planet with population growth at sustainable levels.

“We have practical hope based on the clear knowledge that we know what to do and are actively doing it.

“Sustainable living options are accessible and available to everyone.”

The group youth action plans they will be working on are:

1. A Future Alumni community learning event.

2. Vision for 2030 – short film competition.

3. Learn to live sustainably within our limits – sustainability is a journey, not a leap.

“The YOUth LEADing World Congress created a space where my peers and I could listen deeply to each other and allowed us to deepen our concerns in this ever-changing world,” said OzGreen Youth Activities Coordinator Sam Daykin, at News Of The Area. .

“As a group, we have learned that to move forward towards a better future, we must learn from the ancient culture of our land and apply indigenous knowledge to solve local problems.

“Our goal is to create an event where stories and skills can be shared with the community in an interactive and educational way.

“We want to direct our passion for change into education without the sugar coating of big issues and teaching people that living sustainably is a journey, not a leap,” Sam said.

Sue Lennox AM, Co-Founder of OzGREEN and Founder of YOUth LEADing The World told NOTA: “It was wonderful to see the band seize the opportunity to dive deeper into the challenges of life at this time.

“Clear thinking, deep listening, and strategic questioning helped them define the challenges they faced, create a vision of what they would like to see happen, and then figure out how they could achieve that vision.

“Honestly, they were brilliant.

“It was amazing to see them come to life with big ideas.

“I think they were a bit taken aback by their genius, when so much of their current day-to-day life is just about the challenge of making ends meet, while their concerns about the future gnaw inside. , unattended and set aside. .

“It was a privilege to reserve space for them and show them how to save space for each other.

“Watch this place.

“They pulled it off – I love what they’re planning to do.

“That’s what OzGREEN does,” Sue said.


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