NJ Human Services Announces $15 Million in Youth Summer Camp Grants

NJ Human Services Announces $15 Million in Youth Summer Camp Grants

Funds can help providers meet COVID-related health and safety requirements and provide financial assistance to families

June 14, 2021

(TRENTON) – Acting Commissioner of Human Services Sarah Adelman today announced that $15 million in grants will be available for summer camps for young people to help them meet health and safety protocols. security and provide financial assistance to eligible families.

“As the public health situation improves, we look forward to an active summer, especially for our children,” Acting Commissioner Adelman said. “Participating in a summer camp is a great tradition that brings many positive experiences and benefits, as well as fond memories. We will help summer camps stay open and safe, while helping eligible families help their children attend camp.

“We have taken many steps throughout the pandemic to help child care providers stay open while helping families pay child care costs and manage distance learning, and these grants summer camp programs are the next step in our ongoing efforts,” said Deputy Commissioner Elisa Neira. “We will help children enjoy the summer safely, while stimulating our economy by helping a vital summer service. We will also continue to support child care providers in any way we can.

About 1,000 youth summer camp providers are eligible to apply for the funding. Camps must be registered and approved by the Department of Health for the 2021 summer camp season and be open and operating an on-site program. They must also comply with local, state and federal health and safety requirements.

The $15 million grant program will provide two types of grants to eligible youth summer camps to help cover COVID-related costs and help families pay for summer camp.

  • COVID Support Grant: funds for costs and activities related to COVID-19, such as adhering to health and safety protocols; purchase of PPE supplies, cleaning, disinfection, air purification, ventilation, testing and non-contact equipment; and perform minor repairs and modifications.
  • Youth Summer Camp Financial Assistance Grant: funds to provide financial assistance to families not eligible for the grant program whose annual household income is up to $100,000 to help cover the cost of summer camp been up to $640 per month.

The grant amounts are as follows:

Camp registration COVID Support Grant Financial Aid Grant Total in Grants
Up to 25 children registered $2,500 $4,800 $7,300
Between 26 and 50 children registered $5,000 $9,600 $14,600
More than 50 children registered $7,500 $16,000 $23,500

Youth summer camp providers interested in the financial aid grant will be responsible for managing the approval of financial aid applications and awards for eligible families, while the Family Development Division of Social Services will provide application instructions and requirements. Camp providers who receive these grants must notify potentially eligible families of this assistance.

Assistance to pay for summer camp is available for eligible low-income families who are working, attending school, or taking job training through the Child Care Subsidy Program. To learn more and see if you are eligible, visit ChildCareNJ.gov.

More information will be available soon at ChildCareNJ.gov and grant applications will be available the week of June 21 through the New Jersey Child Care Information System (NJCCIS).

Additional opportunities for camp financial assistance and individual support for children with developmental disabilities are available through the Ministry of Children and Families’ Child Care System found here.

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