New Poll Shows Majority of Massachusetts People Think Cannabis Legalization Is Overall Positive for the State

A poll released this week showed that only a fraction of Massachusetts residents believe the legalization of marijuana has had a negative impact on the state.

University of Massachusetts Amherst and WCVB published a poll Monday in which 61% of those polled said legal cannabis for adult use was overall positive for the state. While 25% said it was neither positive nor negative, only 13% said it was negative.

“This poll also shows that legalization reduces the stigma historically associated with cannabis, which will only allow the Commission to continue to make progress in its efforts to ensure full participation in this industry by disproportionately affected communities,” he said. said the chairman of the Cannabis Control Commission, Steven J. Hoffman. in a report. “Our work is far from over, and my colleagues and I will continue to speak out on the solutions needed to ensure Massachusetts lives up to its equity mandate.”

The survey was conducted November 9-16 and included 750 respondents.

On November 8, 2016, voters in Massachusetts approved the legalization, regulation and taxation of cannabis with 1,769,328 voters, or 52%, in favor of Question 4, and 1,528,219 voters, or 45%, in the ‘opposition. Legalization came following the approval of cannabis for medical purposes in 2012 and the decriminalization of small amounts of the plant in 2008.

November 20 marked the third anniversary of the opening of the first adult marijuana retailers in Massachusetts, the first on the East Coast.

Since then, 179 stores have started their activities. A total of 325 adult-use marijuana establishments, including indoor and outdoor growers, product manufacturers, micro-businesses, delivery companies and independent testing labs, have opened, according to the Commission of cannabis control.

The adult use industry generated more than $ 2.3 billion in gross sales during this period, CCC said.

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