New clinic aims to provide affordable pet care while training Ohio State veterinary students

Ohio State veterinary students receive unique hands-on training at a new primary care clinic.

On Tuesday, the Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine opened the doors of its new Frank Stanton Veterinary Spectrum of Care Clinic. The 35,000 square foot facility allows veterinary school students to enhance their clinical training while providing affordable care to pet owners.

In a press release, the college said the goal of the program is to ensure that “graduate veterinarians entering private practice have the skills and confidence to provide more in-clinic treatment and offer a variety of treatments for pets that belong to animal parents across a broad socio-economic spectrum. “

Faculty and visiting veterinarians will actively participate in the clinic. They will monitor from the observation rooms next to the patient examination rooms. This will allow professionals to mentor graduate veterinary students in the delivery of care. Once a student has examined the animal and offered treatment recommendations, a faculty clinician will join the student and the animal owner to answer questions and determine next steps in care.

Normally, veterinary students at OSU spend much of their clinical training observing complex cases. This new approach reflects a shift in the college’s educational model, largely influenced by feedback from students, faculty, practitioners and alumni, according to the College of Veterinary Medicine.

The installation was funded by a donation from the Stanton Foundation. Broadcasting pioneer Frank Stanton was President of CBS from 1946 to 1971 and was known as a “great dog lover”.

“Our college has a long-standing connection with Frank Stanton, whose first encounter with the college was in the mid-1930s when we took care of a beloved Boston Terrier puppy,” Dr. Rustin Moore explained. , Dean of the College of Veterinary Medicine and the Ruth. Stanton Chair in Veterinary Medicine, in a press release. “This latest partnership will expand our common goal of providing students with valuable and practical medical and surgical experience and the development of the corresponding professional skills needed to become more competent and confident post-graduation veterinarians, successful entrepreneurs and more.” sought after by employers. . “

Steve Kidder, spokesperson for the Stanton Foundation, added: “Frank Stanton was committed to ensuring that quality veterinary care was available to all pet owners, regardless of their socio-economic status, and acknowledged that training students to provide a full range of care services was the best way. to reach this goal. It is especially fitting that this initiative is launched at Ohio State University, Frank Stanton’s alma mater, and the College of Veterinary Medicine which provided such wonderful care to their beloved Boston Terrier years ago.

To learn more about the Frank Stanton Veterinary Care Spectrum Clinic, click here.

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