New Azerbaijan Party Youth Union and Baku Petroleum Higher School hold first digital ideas competition (PHOTO)

On May 19, the Baku Higher Petroleum School (BHOS) hosted the closing ceremony of the first digital ideas competition dedicated to the 99th birthday of national leader Heydar Aliyev, jointly organized by the Youth Union of the New Azerbaijan Party (YAP) and BHOS. .

The ceremony, which began with a minute of silence in memory of national leader Heydar Aliyev and the martyrs who gave their lives for the territorial integrity of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the performance of the national anthem of the Republic from Azerbaijan, continued with the demonstration of a video on the first contest of digital ideas.

Afterwards, YAP Youth Union President Bakhtiyar Islamov gave a presentation on the contest. He noted that the main objective of the Youth Union is to unleash the innovation potential of the party’s youth asset, improve team building skills and increase youth participation. to the country’s innovation ecosystem. “1,361 people from 60 cities and regions across the country registered to participate in the contest. Among them, 120 people from 23 cities and districts were selected to participate in the project. 55 candidates were boys, 65 were girls”.

In welcoming the guests, BHOS Rector, NAP Board Member Elmar Gasimov noted that the competition plays a special role in the development of young people, increasing their potential, knowledge and skills. “As representatives of a higher education institution that trains specialists according to the demands of the labor market, we are proud to organize such events that support the development of young people. This competition, organized by BHOS in collaboration with the Youth Union of the New Azerbaijan Party, provides an exceptional opportunity for young innovators to showcase their talents. I am sure that this competition will be of great help for young people who want to realize their innovative ideas”.

In his speech, SOCAR Vice-President Khalik Mammadov highly appreciated the joint organization of this project by the YAP Youth Union and BHOS, noting that this competition is of special importance for the development of Azerbaijani youth. “SOCAR also operates various scholarship programs that contribute to youth development, and hundreds of young people are using these programs.”

Speaking at the ceremony, Deputy Chairman of the New Azerbaijan Party, Head of the Central Office Tahir Budagov said that the national youth policy of Azerbaijan, the foundations of which were laid by the great leader Heydar Aliyev , is successfully pursued by President Ilham Aliyev. “As a result of the implementation of this policy, a very intelligent, patriotic, intellectually developed and talented young generation has been formed in our country. The Azerbaijan Yeni Party, the most powerful political force in the country, also has a large army of young people. The New Azerbaijan Party has always focused on creating broad opportunities for youth development, supporting our talented youth. To this end, our party constantly implements various effective projects. I am sure that this competition, dedicated to the 99th birthday of our national leader Heydar Aliyev, will be very useful for the 120 boys and girls selected, and our young people will increase their potential for innovation. I think that the continued implementation of such projects in the future will be very helpful for the intellectual development of our youth”.

Speaking at the event, Minister of Digital Development and Transport Rashad Nabiyev spoke about the creation of favorable conditions in Azerbaijan for the development of innovations and the importance of digital transformation. He noted that this competition contributes to increasing the participation of young people in the innovation ecosystem of Azerbaijan. Rashad Nabiyev expressed confidence that the competition has achieved its aims and objectives, stressing that the Ministry of Digital Development and Transport is always ready to support such events.

In his speech, Minister of Education Emin Amrullaev highly appreciated the opportunity given to young people, pointing out that the competition plays a great role in revealing the abilities of young people who stand out for their innovative approaches. Noting the importance of digitalization, the Minister said that this factor is important in all spheres of life, especially in education. Emin Amrullaev stressed that it was gratifying that hundreds of young people, especially from the regions, wanted to participate in the competition, which took place in a new atmosphere of learning for them.

Speaking about the importance of pursuing a youth policy in the country and the state’s care of the young generation, Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports Farhad Hajiyev said that the first contest of Digital Ideas, organized by YAP and BHOS, is one of the milestones towards youth development.

The Director of the Center for the Development of E-Government, Fariz Jafarov, member of the jury of the competition, informed the assembly of the results of the competition. He praised the digital ideas submitted to the competition by teachers from the regions, noting that the competition once again proved that Azerbaijani youth had acquired innovative skills.

Note that the registration process for the competition took place from April 14 to 28. For 8 hours, participants with special mentors competed for the title of the best in the following team competitions: Team Catalyst, Hackathon, Intellectual Ring, Brainstorming, Ideas Exhibition, Project Presentation.

The ceremony ended with the presentation of prizes to the winners of the competition. Team “Khudayar” won the first place. The second and third places were taken by the teams “Zafar” and “Yarat”, respectively. The winner of the “intellectual ring” was the “Innovation” team.

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