“Naya J&K”: Youth Clubs Help Gen-Next Avoid Violence and Become Leaders

Srinagar, May 6 (SocialNews.XYZ) Jammu and Kashmir’s transition to a Union Territory and the removal of its so-called special status has opened up a new world for the next generation of J&K.

New ideas and concepts like “youth clubs” have made young people realize that life exists beyond stone throwing, street protests and guns.

Prior to August 5, 2019 – when the Center announced its decision to fully merge J&K with the Union of India – the youths of Kashmir were like a rudderless ship, completely unaware of what they should do with their lives.

Pakistan and its sponsored elements have taken full advantage of the situation and left no room for setting young people on the path to self-destruction by radicalizing them.

Kashmir’s Gen-Next received stones, guns and bombs to wage Pakistan’s proxy war. The cycle of violence had become so vicious that Kashmir-based politicians had declared that it would never end until Pakistan was integrated.

Two and a half years after the repeal of Section 370, J&K has witnessed a sea change and the youth is leading the way.

The ‘Youth Mission’ helped young people shape their lives. They chase their dreams and into ‘Naya Jammu and Kashmir’ where everything seems achievable.

According to official figures, to date, 4,522 youth clubs have been established in 20 Union Territory Districts and 74,000 young people have registered with a peak of 9,000 registered in Poonch District.

Former rulers used the youth to serve their interests

Former J&K leaders, mostly Kashmir-based politicians, never thought of involving young people through such measures. They used young people to cling to their chairs. History bears witness to the fact that those who led J&K after 1947 failed to explore the potential of young people and allowed them to play into the opponent’s game.

In 2021, J&K Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha announced the government’s decision to establish youth clubs throughout the Union territory. The aim was to involve young people in voluntary activities through different programs and to channel their energies in a positive way.

The idea worked when young people from each district came forward to join these youth clubs. They found innovative solutions to the toughest challenges they faced.

They understood that indulging in violence would get them nowhere. They found a place where they could interact with their peers and share ideas that could help them decide what they should go for.

Youth Clubs spread across 20 districts in Jammu and Kashmir raise awareness of various government employment and self-employment schemes, uniting young men and women to pursue their dreams.

These clubs have become energetic and dynamic partners of panchayats and district administrations and ensure that governance effectively reaches the grassroots.

Kashmir’s Gen-Next Rejects Terrorism

The next generation of J&K are keenly interested in constructive pursuits. The refusal of young people to violence has led to a drop in local recruitment into the militant ranks. This has led foreign terrorists to leave their hiding places and come out into the open.

Initially, the majority of foreign terrorists were silent. They projected the local youth as the face of terrorist activities. While the number of local terrorists has started to decrease, foreign terrorists are now slowly being exposed to encounters.

After August 5, 2019, the government focused on the J&K youth lasso. And the formula worked. Programs aimed at empowering young people have helped them reject the idea of ​​separatism and avoid the path of violence and terror.

The number of foreign terrorists present in Kashmir is not that high and in the absence of local support, it will be difficult for them to survive. Terrorism in Kashmir is on its last legs. The sponsors of terrorism sitting across the Line of Control (LoC) are running out of ideas as the youngsters of J&K, who have been used as cannon fodder for the past 30 years, turn the back. They take every opportunity presented to them.

Perforated False Narratives

The change is visible. Young people no longer talk about the merger of Kashmir with Pakistan, and are no longer interested in the so-called “Azadi”. False narratives and slogans are pierced.

Youth clubs have had a direct impact on youth empowerment. These clubs not only determine the career prospects of young people, but also shape their personalities so that they can become leaders in their chosen fields.

The young people in these clubs become leaders and agents of change. They become more socially active. They learn new social skills like collaboration and problem solving that are essential for success in school, work and in their personal lives.

J&K’s youth clubs play a central role in creating permanent change in young people and results in the overall development of their personality, which is at the heart of the program of Mission Youth, which runs youth clubs in Jammu -and-Kashmir.

J&K Youth Prove Politicians Wrong

Kashmir-based politicians during their tenures never thought of coming up with initiatives like youth clubs. They had only one mission, namely to take advantage of the advantages and privileges offered to them by New Delhi. If they had tried to educate the youth, Kashmir would not have burned for three decades and Pakistan sponsored terrorism would not have survived.

The idea of ​​“Naya Jammu and Kashmir”, which was conceived by the regime led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi shortly after 2014, has been implemented in letter and spirit. Politicians who claimed Section 370 is a bridge between New Delhi and J&K have been denied by Gen-Next of Kashmir.

The youth of J&K excel in all areas and prove themselves by becoming stars. They now compete at all levels. They succeeded in erasing the labels of rock flayers and merchants of violence.

Politicians who claimed nothing would change in J&K without Pakistan’s involvement were forced to swallow their words. Now they are trying to make space for themselves in ‘Naya Jammu and Kashmir’.

Source: IANS

“Naya J&K”: Youth Clubs Help Gen-Next Avoid Violence and Become Leaders

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