National mental health initiatives: Young people need more than social media as an outlet, employers hampered by care costs, experts say

Ms Shilpa said awareness of mental health issues is generally high among younger age groups, with contents already dealing with such topics found in abundance on line. What is needed is good mental health literacy.

“The information on social networks, they are not necessarily moderated or verified. There is therefore a risk that adolescents will make mistakes or end up not receiving adequate support because they do know what the true signs are seek to show they need help,” she added.

The To singapore Counseling Center said that, as recommended by the task force, devcreating a toolkit for parents to equip them with mental health knowledge is a good step, so that they can then encourage the young ask for help if needed.

The center added: “Living In a rapidly changing society, working-class parents face job strains and time constraints.

“When it’s about their childrenyet, many parents are often willing to prune time to equip themselves to meet the needs of their children especially if they suspect their child is going through some level of distress.

Dr Tan from the therapy room pointed out that the scope of such as toolbox isn’t immediately clear at this point, but she hopes a strong accent to dispel the stigma about mental illness held by the parents will be part of it.

This is because, as noted by the health specialists, despite a certain level of knowledge and awareness, parents who are judgmental and cling to stigma by viewing mental health disorders as socially discrediting behavior may still be hesitant to encourage their children to seek appropriate help when they necessary.


Further commenting on the recommendations of the National Working Group, Ms Ong the old NPM is delighted with the public consultation effort, but noted that the the proposals make doesn’t touch on suicide prevention at all — an omission she called “glaring.”

It was revealed last year that the number of suicides here reached an eight-year high of 452 in 2020, amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

She hopes that the discussions will not be limited by all the recommendations and that the task force would have consider other ideas, such as the creation of a permanent mental health office, which she has already raised in Parliament.

With regard to the costs of treating mental illnesses, the health experts who spoke to TODAY recognized this clinical services are not cheap, as private practitioners have to cover significant costs. Subsidies and insurance coverage for patients are too limit.

However, Dr. Tan from the therapy room says that shouldn’t deter anyone who needs help from give a hand and explore all available options.

“Places such as Family Service Centers provide (non-clinical) counseling at a nominal cost. Schools and more companies also partner with advice centers to provide help.

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