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youth music

Grants available: Between £2,000 and £30,000

Deadline to apply: July 29 for the second round and November 25 for the third round

Who is the funding for?
Youth Music funds organizations in England to set up programs enabling people under 25 to create, learn and earn money in music.

Projects must last between 6 and 24 months and align with one of the following themes: early childhood, disabilities, d/Deaf and neurodivergent youth, juvenile justice system, youth facing barriers, young adults and organizations and labor -work.

When will you get an answer?
Within three months of the application deadline

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speak speak

Grants available: Up to £1,500

Deadline to apply: 11 July

Who is the funding for?
The Future Fiber Fund offers one-time donations of up to £1,500 to sports clubs, schools, charities and community groups in Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds and Birmingham. The money can be used to support a helpline, buy a new kit or invest in new facilities.

TalkTalk encourages applications from groups involved in supporting and assisting the LGBTQIA+ community.

When will you get an answer?
From August 8

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Change of ideas and nest of social change

Grants available: Up to £5,000

Deadline to apply: 22nd of July

Who is the funding for?
Changing Ideas has partnered with Social Change Nest to help self-help groups going through transition and facing specific challenges as the Covid-19 pandemic recedes.

Funding will go towards projects and activities that aim to help these groups prepare in a post-pandemic world. These include:
• Improve the skills of group members in their technological capacity.
• Pilot a program that would help secure more sustainable funding sources.
• Create the capacity to design and implement a strategy/programme that would contribute to the sustainability of the group – this could involve paying an existing member of the group or hiring a consultant.
• Purchase of equipment necessary for the sustainability of the group, such as refrigerators for a food bank.

When will you get an answer?
Early August

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Austin and Hope Pilkington Trust

Grants available: Up to £1,000

Deadline to apply: July 31

Who is the funding for?
This year, grants from the Austin and Hope Pilkington Trust focus on supporting Black, Asian and Ethnic Minority (BAME) communities working in the arts, with the aim of redressing the balance of the under-representation of these groups. .

Grants are available for BAME artists and outreach projects and initiatives aimed at increasing participation within BAME communities. To be eligible, charities must have an operating income and expenditure of £1million.

When will you get an answer?

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Leeds Community Foundation

Grants available: Up to £20,000

Deadline to apply: August 2nd

Who is the funding for?
The Leeds Community Foundation invites community groups to apply for funding pots of between £1,000 and £10,000 for one year and up to £20,000 for two years.

Applicants must have sustainable initiatives that educate and support communities and individuals and meet at least one of the following criteria:
• Mitigate energy poverty challenges and promote innovative energy-related environmental impact and energy efficiency.
• Support community hubs with crisis planning.
• Develop learning pathways/support in science, technology, engineering and mathematics subjects and associated career opportunities.
• Help communities reduce their carbon footprint.

When will you get an answer?

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The Architectural Heritage Fund

Grants available: Up to £100,000

Deadline to apply: Quarterly maturities, with final maturity in January 2023

Who is the funding for?
The Transforming Places through Heritage program supports projects that can help transform and revitalize England’s high streets and prepare them for the future.

Projects must involve a heritage building located on a main street or downtown. Applicants must have, or intend to obtain, full ownership or an emphyteutic lease on the building.

When will you get an answer?
In eight to 10 weeks

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Grants available: Up to £350,000

Deadline to apply: July 28 and August 15

Who is the funding for?
The Community Resilience Fund (CRF) and Aftercare Funding Program (AFP) are making £3 million available to charities and organizations that support those most at risk of gambling and reduce inequalities in gambling health in the most disadvantaged areas.

The FRC is designed to provide short-term funding to help organizations respond quickly to the cost of living crisis and its impact on players. New GambleAware partners and charities can apply for up to £100,000 for 12 months.

AFP aims to support programs to treat more people for gambling problems so they can start to rebuild their lives. Small organizations or new projects can receive up to £150,000, large organizations can receive up to £350,000.

When will you get an answer?
From the beginning of September

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