Michael Richardson, son of Liam Neeson, wishes he could chat with late mum Natasha

The Irish son of late actress Natasha Richardson admitted he wished he could have adult conversations with her.

Micheal Richardson has spoken of the pain of losing his beloved mother in a tragic accident over a decade ago.


Michael Richardson (left) has opened up about his pain not being able to talk to the late mum NatashaCredit: Getty Images
Liam Neeson's actor son describes himself as a


Liam Neeson’s actor son describes himself as a ‘mommy’s boy’

Natasha tragically died at the age of 45 from a cerebral hemorrhage, two days after accidentally hitting her head during a beginner’s ski lesson in Quebec, Canada.

Young actor Micheal, 25, whose father is Hollywood star Liam Neeson, said he was still gripped by his late mum and described himself as a ‘mama boy’.

He explained, “She was a great and wonderful mother.

“What I wish I could just have these adult conversations with her, these random questions about industry or music.

“I was a mom’s boy growing up and she really was my best friend.

“I mean we were all close family, but (my younger brother) Danny was my dad’s boy and I was my mom’s boy, of course.

Opening up on the pain of losing a parent so young, he continued, “It was so sudden.


“When it’s unexpected and it’s just a completely freakish accident, it really messes your mind up whether you believe in fate or not.”

The up-and-coming actor has previously opened up about his decision to honor Natasha’s memory by choosing to keep her maiden name.

In an interview last year, he admitted, “I use it to honor my mom and aunt Joely, it’s the best way to keep mom close to me.

“I could have taken Redgrave but it was already taken by Michael and I couldn’t do that to my great-grandfather.

“But my mom started her own family and I think that represents her and my grandfather Tony Richardson.”

He also admitted that the tragedy of his mother’s sudden death is a tragedy that the family has sometimes struggled to talk about. that’s why he chooses to honor her in his own way.

Michael confessed: “It is very easy to avoid the grieving process. “Losing a loved one is so painfully difficult that sometimes the easiest thing to do is put them under the rug.

“That’s what my dad did.

“I’m still trying to figure it out myself.

“The only useful thing I have learned is to keep the person on your mind and honor them in any way you can.”

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