Meriden Church Hosts Youth Seminar This Weekend

MERIDEN – Grace Fellowship Church is hosting an event for teens and families that will focus on building family relationships.

Grace Fellowship’s “Reclaim our Youth” weekend seminar will be held Friday through Sunday at the church, 31 Windsor Ave.

Registration is required and there is a $5 fee that will be used for activities and food. To register, go to before Thursday.

According to Pastor Donald Highsmith, the church held a similar event 15 years ago, but it was only open to church members. This weekend’s event is open to all members of the community.

“We love our Meriden community and if anyone thinks this event can help them, then they’re welcome,” Highsmith said.

On Friday, the 2014 film “Where Hope Grows”, directed by Chris Dowling, will be screened. The Christian drama tells the story of an alcoholic former baseball player whose career was cut short. He finds purpose when he befriends a boy with Down syndrome. In addition to the film, families are invited to a dinner discussion on parenting and relationship building.

Families will focus on team-building activities on Saturday, said Rhea Highsmith, also a pastor at Grace Fellowship and wife of Donald Highsmith.

“There will be hands-on games,” Rhea Highsmith said. “It will help families communicate and build healthy relationships.”

On Sunday, a dynamic message will be sent to the community.

“We really care about Meriden, and it’s important to show the importance of connecting with teenagers,” said Donald Highsmith. “We want teenagers to see their purpose in life.”

So far, about ten families have registered for the event. Families of Soul Salvation Deliverance Outreach Ministry inc. in Meriden also participate.

The idea to relaunch the event came from the young leaders of Grace Fellowship – Henry and Tracie Duncan, young leaders, and Daniel Torres, young young leader.

“It is important to share how important parents are to young people,” said Henry Duncan. “They need to know their worth and that’s what inspired me to express importance through this seminar.”

Donald and Rhea Highsmith agreed.

“We were raised in this church, we got married in this church, and we’ve been married for 24 years,” Donald Highsmith said. “We also have three beautiful children who grew up here at Grace Fellowship.”

The couple’s three children are Destini, Dontea and Donald Highsmith.

For more information about the event, email or call (203) 235-5325.

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