Medical marijuana flower consumption set to move to the Minnesota Legislature on Monday

Patrick McClellan has been active in the medical marijuana program and has been lobbying lawmakers to have the flower included in the program for nearly a decade. He told 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS that the flower provision was passed by the House and Senate Conference Committee, which he believes is historic.

“This is historic because it now makes the state’s medical marijuana program achievable and something that can be sustained into the future,” McClellan said. “There are over 34,000 people who are active in the program, but there are thousands more who do not participate because they cannot afford it and the form of flower distribution will likely reduce the costs. half costs. “

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Minnesota Senate committee passes bill that would legalize medical marijuana flower

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McClellan said that producing the liquid or pill form of cannabis is very expensive and using an independent lab to verify the product only adds to the higher costs, which he says makes money. Minnesota’s costliest medical marijuana program in the country.

“I know families who have to spend $ 900 a month just to get their kids enrolled in the program now,” McClellan said. “Using the flower will be much cheaper and allow the state to have more than two licensed distributors, which will also allow more dispensaries in the state.”

The legislature is expected to pass the flower’s use in the medical marijuana program under the Human Services Funding Omnibus Bill on Monday, and it has the backing of Gov. Tim Walz.

McClellan said the drop in prices won’t be seen until early next year, once the flower is fully integrated into the program.

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