Medical Experts Warn Against Overuse of Single Face Mask

Jammu and Kashmir medical experts on Monday warned against overuse of an individual’s unique and used face masks, saying both are powerful in carrying and transmitting infection in addition if used for a long time, can be harmful to health.

There have been reports that people, especially in remote areas, overuse plain masks and even some people have put on used masks amid the resurgence of pandemic Covid-19 infections, putting their lives and that of others in danger.
Medical experts in the valley have said that excessive use of face masks can be harmful and lead to infections for individuals and that the mask used by someone else should not be used by another person because we don’t know what he can take with him.
Head of Department (HOD) Community Medicines Government Medical College (GMC) Srinagar Dr Salem Khan said that each mask has a separate way of using as the three-layer surgical mask should not be used for more than 8 hours since the internal part hydrates with which it loses its effectiveness.
He said cotton masks used by people these days should be washed properly and detergents should be used to clean it in addition to ironing it.
“The hygiene of the mask is very important and it is supposed to be changed regularly and can also be used on rotating bases rather than regularly after following the proper procedure to make it safe to wear,” he said. “If the fiber is contaminated, the masks are not as strong and effective.”
Salim said it was wrong to use another individual’s face mask because it is not known what infections the inner part of the mask has on her.
“Masks should not be shared with any other person,” he said.
Well-known valley pulmonologist Dr Khursheed said that a mask used by an individual contains all the germs in the inner layer and anyone else using the same mask will inhale them as long as they (insects / germs) are there depending on the type of mask.
He said that each mask has a different way of using and disposing of.
“The mask used by an individual stops germs on the outer layer and even a hand should not be used directly to remove the mask as there may be infection,” Khurshid said.
Khursheed said every mask has life and cannot be used excessively. “Masks used during the day should be discarded at night,” he said.
He said that if masks are unavailable, a person should have at least a few face masks and keep the used mask in a particular place wrapped for 5-6 days so that any possible infection ends (the insect dies) so that the shelf life of the mask increases.
“The best thing to do is to avoid excessive use of just one face mask and throw it away at night after using it during the day to avoid getting an infection,” Khurshid said.

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