Mayor Plante announces $7 million to engage youth in violence prevention

Montreal Mayor Valérie Plante announced that the City will allocate $7 million to mobilize young people in the prevention of violence, during a press conference at the Saint-Michel library on Thursday.

The Plante administration’s announcement comes against the backdrop of a wave of gun violence across the metropolis in recent months. The mayor specified that this initiative will promote the mobilization and involvement of teenagers from the neighborhoods most affected by this problem.

This amount will allow the development of sports infrastructures, the holding of community activities or the production of podcasts or documentaries by young people to make them aware of their reality. Plante hopes these initiatives will strengthen the sense of belonging in neighborhoods and reduce boredom, which can sometimes lead to crime.

The Mayor also mentioned that supporting teenagers was one of her priorities and that information and ideation sessions as well as a telephone service had been created to help them share their ideas.

Plante stressed that his administration wants to put young people “at the heart of the decisions” in the fight against violence.

“This is why the school environment, the community sector, the police service, the City of Montreal and the other levels of government, we must all listen and get involved to offer opportunities to our beautiful young people,” he added. she said at a press conference.

Following the work of the Montreal Forum to Combat Armed Violence, held last March, the City is committed to prioritizing initiatives that strengthen the sense of belonging to the community, prevention and interventions with target populations and young people at risk.

“To properly address the problem of violence, we must also address its root causes. I’m talking about the inequalities that exist between individuals and the inequalities between neighborhoods,” Plante said.

The sum comes from the 32 million dollars reserved for the participatory budget, which allows the population to decide on the use of part of the municipal money by proposing ideas for developments or equipment. The second edition of this year’s participatory budget focuses on three main themes: youth, equity and security.

“For us, the participatory budget is one of the means of giving the population the possibility of reclaiming their power to act on their city, their street, their district. And this is extremely important”, declared the mayor.

Led by spokesperson Abdelhaq Sari, the official opposition in public health reacted to the announcement of the Plante administration:

“The measures presented today are recycled from an announcement made last March. If the Plante administration had really wanted to listen to young people and offer them leisure tools, it would have offered them the sports center it had promised them in Montreal-North and which they have been waiting for too long, “we read in a Press release.

— This report from The Canadian Press was first published in French on October 13, 2022.

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