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Martin Brower is proud to present his new early career center in collaboration with Youth Employment UK.

As a leading provider of supply chain solutions with a global supply chain and distribution centers, Martin Brower is committed to building a reputation for excellence and innovation in the supply chain industry. supply. This extends to the young people who work with them, while imbuing their organizational goals and values.

They understand the importance of being a youth-friendly employer that provides accessible early career opportunities to young people from all walks of life. That’s why they’ve created a new Early Career Center in partnership with Youth Employment UK, who have a decade of experience in advocating for young people’s voices, supporting young people and empowering them in their own development.

Introducing the new Martin Brower Early Career Center

This early career hub is designed specifically for young people. This demonstrates that the organization has seriously invested in engaging young people and developing them to become the best through on-the-job learning, continuous training and development, benefits for the good -to be, etc. As a Youth-Friendly Employer and signatory of the Charter for Good Jobs for Young People, Martin Brower offers high-quality, inclusive employment opportunities that enable young people from diverse backgrounds, passionate and eager to learn, to cross a new stage in their early career, highlighting their strengths and qualities as much as their qualifications and experience.

Their management team leads by example, taking great care to reward and recognize the efforts of young employees. In recognition of their apprentices and young starters becoming the leaders of tomorrow, we welcome the ideas of their young learners and employees and encourage them to bring them to life.

If you’re a young person looking to advance in your next career steps – or know someone in your network who is – we’d like to invite you to explore the early careers hub and spread the word.

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