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Maha Boot Yatra | Young people join start-up journey with new ideas, enticed by District Magistrate Itankar

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Nagpur, To give impetus to new ideas among young people, the second phase of the Startup Yatra is launched from October 14 by the Department of Skills, Employment, Entrepreneurship and Innovation of the Government of India. ‘State. There will be training camps and presentations. District Magistrate Vipin Itankar called on young people and interested citizens to join the presentation of their new idea.

He said the purpose of Startup Yatra is to know, encourage, guide and provide necessary funds and facilities to new entrepreneurs in rural and inaccessible areas. On October 14, there will be a presentation on Camp in the Civil Line near the Ursula High School Collector’s Office from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Interested candidates will receive a 10-minute presentation on the concept of a new system in the field of agriculture, education, health, waste management, water, energy, e-governance, smart infrastructure, mobility, etc.

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Prabhakar Harde, Deputy Commissioner, Department of Skills Development, said three winners will also be announced at district level by the panel of experts, who will receive cash prizes. Interested applicants should register on the State Innovation Society website Further information can be obtained from the Office of the Deputy Commissioner, District Skill Development, Employment and Entrepreneurship Guidance Center, Nagpur.

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