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The North Lincoln Health Department is hosting a free Household Hazardous Waste Collection event on July 31 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Residents can bring in poisons, pesticides and other household chemicals to dispose of free of charge. This year, they are particularly encouraging residents to bring back their old lithium batteries. Not only can they be recycled, but they pose a fire hazard when they go into garbage cans and landfills.

It is an annual event in the county that alternates between the three companies that transport waste in Lincoln County. The North Lincoln Sanitation Department, the Thompson Sanitation Department, and the Dahl Disposal Department all help fund the Lincoln County Solid Waste District.

“It’s a way for residents to get things out of their garage or home, and out of the community, and dispose of them safely,” said Colin Teem, North Lincoln Health Services Representative.

Teem said some of the chemicals are processed and then taken to a landfill, and some go straight to the landfill. However, if customers put them in their regular trash cans, they pose a danger to employees and trucks, especially if certain chemicals get mixed up. It may cause a fire or a more toxic situation. Bringing them in for this event is more of a safety measure.

Each of the county’s waste haulage companies is franchised with the cities where they are located.

“Some people don’t realize that there are a lot of franchises here,” Teem said. “Electricity, cable, Internet, gas and garbage”.

According to the 2021-2022 municipal budget, Lincoln City will receive $ 1.1 million, or only 1% of its annual revenues, in franchise fees from NW Natural Gas, Pacific Power, Century Link, North Lincoln Sanitary, Charter Cable and Coastcom Inc.

Teem said they were under the direction of local ordinances made in connection with the disposal and recycling of solid waste. Franchising guarantees all residents a more reasonable rate than they otherwise would, he said.

“It’s also better for the environment because now you have one truck instead of several that burn fuel and wear down the roads when a truck was already there and could have done everything,” he said.

General manager Lon French said North Lincoln Sanitary Service has a continuous four-year franchise. It is renewed every year, but if the city decided not to renew, it would still have four years left. French explained that in order for a business to be prepared to spend capital to buy good equipment, it needs to know that it will have the income to pay down debt.

“We are accountable to the city and if we don’t provide great service and a good job, we are not renewed,” French said.

As Amazon has taken off over the years, more and more people have cardboard and the business has had to adapt. Their trucks had to change the body style to accommodate more cardboard because it is, it is so bulky and it doesn’t want to crash and compact in the truck. They recently bought a new cardboard baler.

Throughout the year, in their recycling center, in addition to glass and cardboard, they accept free motor oil, transmission fluid and used car batteries. They also accept printers, televisions, laptops, tablets and other electronic waste free of charge. They accept some chemicals year round, but charge $ 2 per gallon.

You can find more information about their business and the hazardous waste collection event on their website at northlincolnsanitary.com or on Facebook.

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