Letter to the Editor: Do Your Research Before Choosing a Veterinarian Letters

Six years ago, my family’s beloved dog Ellie was the victim of unprofessional behavior and neglect by a reputable vet. The inability of the “doctor” to provide him with adequate fluids, for days, resulted in his unnecessary suffering and painful death.

Two hours after seeing her, for the fourth consecutive day (three, specifically for IV fluids), Ellie went into physical distress. At the emergency hospital, she was declared severely dehydrated and in critical condition; his organs were failing. The fluids she had received during the previous three days under her “care” were clearly insufficient.

Each day, as Ellie’s condition worsened, we repeatedly stressed our concerns, as he arrogantly distorted the seriousness of her condition, even saying, “I have seen dogs in good shape.” worst.”

Ellie was a beloved member of our family. We believed we were providing the best possible care for her. We trusted this vet for her life; that she suffered because it will break my heart forever.

Animal keepers, please use the Montana Department of Labor’s online “license search”, or call the Montana Board of Veterinary Medicine to search your current or potential veterinary record for any disciplinary action filed. I hope this resource can help others avoid this unnecessary pain and suffering.

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